Manpreet Kaur

Reetal was amazing, the most supportive coach. She boosted my self esteem and confidence on the days i was low or wasn't feeling very good about myself. I was able to gain strength physically due to the workouts and mentally due to Reetal. Please bring back community dance workouts like the one Gunjan hosted. Will be returning soon for the diet plan.

Urvi Lagvankar

Had a wonderful 3 month journey with Coach Richa. Losing weight while eating foods I like was a big winner for me. The sheer volume & variety of recipes that Coach Richa had for me was brilliant. I have enjoyed my journey so much that I have re-enrolled with Coach Richa for another 8 weeks.


1st of all I would like to thank my coach Ankita ji, She is always there for me when I need her advice. She gave me what I like to eat. With her diet plan I improved my sleep, my hair quality become better. I lose in inches n weight too...every week I learn something new thing to become better me. Thank you so much my coach Ankita ji n all team. I really enjoyed with you.


My coach Reetal is excellent! She have been helping me a lot in motivating me and creating a customized diet plan (easy to prepare and quick) especially as my life has a lot of stress related to both family and work. The best part was her encouragement because of which I dint give up on weeks when I couldn't see any progress even after putting lot of efforts, she made me continue my journey and believe in the process and identified small wins to motivate me. (and she has a depth of knowledge. Thank you Reetal, I appreciate your support in my journey ! :)

Rashmi Sharma

I have been the recurring clients for I'MWOW and every time I have got the satisfactory results. Richa Kakwani has always been supportive. She has always listened to everything that I had to tell. And she always made sure that I achieve my results by all means. The App is also very functional. You get everything you need in you plan, diet plan, workout plans, and categorized recipes. It is always a good experience and result oriented.


I am very happy that I found this app. I have tried many diet plans but nothing has worked. But the diet plan and workout here is very good. In 3 weeks I have reduced almost 3kg My dietician ANKITA RAWAT MAM is so good decent and genuine person She is always available whenever I need anything. She guided me not just like a dietician but like an elder sister. Thank you ANKITA MAM AND IMWOW for making things possible


I am extremely pleased with the results I achieved under the guidance of my dietitian. In just 4 weeks, I managed to lose an impressive 4.3 kgs, and I couldn't be happier with the progress. Shraddha’s expertise and personalized approach to my dietary needs were exceptional. She provided me with a well-balanced and sustainable meal plan that not only helped me shed the excess weight but also improved my overall health and energy levels. What truly sets her apart is her unwavering support and motivation throughout this journey. She kept me on track, answered all my questions, and made adjustments when needed. Her dedication to my success was evident in every interaction.

Harman Sandhu

I would like to thank coach Shraddha for being an awesome mentor in my weight loss journey. I felt very positive and she was available 24/7 to talk and modified my diet plan based on my likings.

Jyothsna Venkatachalam

Richa is a great coach !! It’s been almost close to 5 weeks I’ve started my journey towards weight loss. She is so kind and supportive; gives me wonderful meal plans so that I’m able to eat what I like. I got to know about portion controlled eating even without sacrificing what I love to eat. I feel lighter after every meal . Excited towards the rest of my journey !!!!

Athiya Sulaiman

I was finding very difficult to loose weight for a long time of period within 2 months with Reetal i really enjoyed and had a weight drop as well. It's amazing program i love it. Thank you Team Gunjan I love It


It’s always a pleasure to have Reetal as my dietician , she understands my needs completely and always gives excellent meal plans . She motivates me to do better which in turn makes me to return to her when I gain the weight . The holistic approach of I'MWOW is exceptional . It’s not just the weight loss but everything you do during the journey also counts . I'MWOW is not focused on getting result but how you also get the results is very important .


I am able to loose weight in 4 Kgs in 4 weeks. Surbhi is a great coach she helped and motivate me when I need . Able to provide diet plan as per my schedule.


It has been an incredible one month experience with my coach Tarushi. Under her guidance and diet plan I was able to move my weight which was stuck from a long time and I had a lot of visible inch loss. Diet plans are so good . You get to eat everything . One doesn't feel starved. I saw a lot of improvement in my energy levels, sleep pattern . Overall it is a great experience. Journey is long but I m sure I will reach there soon.


Ankita Rawat is always my go to coach when I am losing track in my fitness journey & looking for that push. She is extremely knowledgeable and flexible. This was my third time enrolling with her & it was great as always.

Jyoti Tiwari

Priyanka mam is an amazing coach not only she motivated but guided my also . Time to time she asked me about my progress. I am very grateful that I lost 5 kg weight just because of only her I could do this.

Stuti Soren

Thank you for changing my lifestyle and making me believe that everything is possible. Thank you my dear coach ANKITA RAWAT MAM for your guidance and motivation. Thank you so much again Madam GUNJAN and IMWOW APP


I enjoyed my journey. Special thanks to my coach Shraddha. She is such a wonderful person to be with me throughout. Without her support and guidance this journey would not have been possible for me. I have developed a routine and much active person. I enjoyed the meal plan . Thank you once again.


The program worked great for me! Surbhi is an extremely good coach. She was very patient and understanding of my situation. She provided constant motivation and was always available during the entire program. I was 76.5 when I started and lost 9 kgs in 12 weeks! I was able to break my weight plateau and was able to change my lifestyle with healthy eating habits that I will follow forever! I am extremely thankful to Surbhi for her support and I will suggest her and I'MWOW program for everyone!

Meenu Mathur

My journey with I am wow was just wow I think the the best decision I had made is to join it and my coach Ankita ji she is the bessssttt person I had ever meet . She made this journey so comfortable for me that I didn’t even realise that I am on some plan or something many thanks Ankita ji for ur patience and guidance for me I would like to join you again in future .

Rita Pereira

My journey with I'MWOW and specially with my coach Shrestha, from day one the way she spoke, her support and motivation kept me going you guys a doing is very good job. God bless your team and the work that you do.


I’m glad that I started my weight loss journey with Lovely Smridhi Bhatia. She guided me very well to loose my weight gradually and listening to me patiently and planning my meals tasty and yummy ?

Stuti Soren

GREAT FULL I am so happy and grateful to my Coach ANKITA RAWAT Mam. Thank you for guiding me and fulfilling all my demand in healthy way THANK YOU GUNJAN MAM AND IMWOW for this wonderful app and opportunity where were can discuss all our dietary problem without hesitation. I am very happy with my weight loss journey

Juhi Moosavi

I absolutely loved having Coach Surbhi to guide me! She was always so enthusiastic and relatable and she was really kind and understanding! I feel like I definitely got lucky to have her :) I lost over half of what I gained in 2020 and it’s all thanks to coach Surbhi! We dealt with the obstacles in my 12 week plan together and she supported me through it with a positive attitude! I appreciated everything she did for me and I will be forever thankful for her help. She’s definitely the best coach ever and I don’t think I could’ve created a routine and healthy habits without her! I loved interacting with her every week and I will miss that now.. but I will remember her motivation and keep up with my diet and exercises!! Thank you so so much Coach Surbhi!! ??


So I m the happiest one because I lost 3 kgs in 3 weeks and this all happened because of coach Ankita Rawat and the I'MWOW app here are some points which I would love to share 1. Toughest part of the diet is meal preparation so in the application everything is given with full details very easy with simple things always saves my time 2. Before this program I do not eat everything after enrolling I ate every grain and veggies so it helps me not only for weight loss but also I became friendly to every grain and veggy whom I scared of taste 3. The most important thing in my journey was discipline i maintained whatever coach said I follow every small thing and timing matters alot for breakfast lunch and dinner. 4. the day when my coach calls me first time she said leave sugar junk food leave normal salt leave refined oil i totally leave all those things which helps me alot. 4. one of the most important thing of I'MWOW program I like they don't say anything too fancy or out of the circle for meal preparation or workout they keep everything simple easy and powerful so that a person like me who lives in small town can afford and arrange everything. 5. And I was enrolled this program before 2-3 years ago at that time I didn't continue my 4 weeks because of some travelling and health issues so I quit program by my decision. And in October 2023 i realised to look good to be in a good body posture I don't Evan think of one second I m wow already in my head so I quickly approach to them my previous experience for I m wow was excellent Evan though I didn't continue but I still believe that those easy quick and powerful things will definitely help me out.this application system wasn't there only WhatsApp chat and YouTube channel was there for help us out but now they provide everything on finger tips with the help of the application no need to go here and there or search anything each and every video is given. At the end i would love to thank Gunjan ma'am and coach Ankita ma'am with full respect and I'll definitely join in future because they keep us motivated all the time and this motivation is the key of our success

Rashmi Singh

I didn't expect to loose any weight when I joined I'MWOW.. during pregnancy I gained 20kg ,I lost 14kgs gradually but the last 6 kgs were hard to loose. I tried taking the weight loss program from several platform. Nothing worked. At last while taking the weight loss program at IMWOW my attitude was like " itna sb try Kiya hai ye bhi kr lete hai". I took 1 month program bcz I had no hopes but I LOST 3KGS . I followed the diet given by the coach and to be honest I didn't do the workout bcz of my hectic schedule. Loved this app, loved the coach.. For now , I am not continuing the plan BUT I WILL BE BACK ...loads and loads of love to the team.

Manila Gaba

Surbhi is an amazing person and coach. She motivated me, helped to achieve my goals. She is proactive and I like how she does her homework before the call. I learnt the meaning of a healthy lifestyle during my program.

Vaishali Mane

I'MWOW is just amazing. Service of the Coach is so good and the recipe which are included in the diet plan are so easy to make cause, your team has already shared the recipe videos.. Diet plan is very affordable for me. Because of my health issues I won't take best of it, my bad.. once my health issues can recover I will re- enroll for the diet plan. Coach talks with me very lovingly. Thank you for all things and for your support.

Prerna Dass

This is my 3rd time taking the plan with Ankita Srivastava. I started at 164 pounds and ended my 12 weeks journey at 157 pounds. My goal for these 12 weeks was to reach 150s and stay there. I am definitely grateful to Ankita’s coaching and mentorship to help me reach my goals. She is excellent coach and mentor. I will looking forward to renewing my subscription when I want to tackle next 10-15 pounds. Overall I had a great learning experience about how my body reacts to food and exercise from Ankita. I understand the importance of calorie deficit, sleep and water intake as well.

Kuldip Kaur

Very good weight maintenance program, worked well for me. Would highly recommend to everyone. Bhumika is an amazing coach. Thank you very much!


Firstly Thank you so much to Bhumika di. lot’s of love to her and she is very kind. I had taken program for my Mom and for me as well. We both had back pain problem so our purpose is to eat healthy and my MoM also wanted to lose weight. During this program Bhumika di helped us alot. As my mom is living in joint family in India so Bhumika di always make sure that diet plan is convenient and with it she losses 5 kgs weight in 8 weeks and her back pain problem is also gone. And same with me when I started at that time I was taking alot of lower back pain medicine and sciatica medicine but from last 1 months I am not taking it completely even I am travelling alot with very busy schedule. So she provided me that kind of diet plan which heal my inflammation and giving me lots of good guidance to stay healthy. Thank you once again and bless you.

Manju saini

First of I'MWOW thanks to you nd Priyanka mam was so good bhut hi ache or pyar se Priyanka mam ne guide Kiya .jb v jarurt hoti thi me puch leti thi unho ne ache se sb batayea or itni achi diet home made sb kuch kha kr ke wait loss hua h or inches v bhut loss hue stomach bhut hi flat hua h body me joh weakness rehti thi woh v thik ho geyi 1 month ka safar bhut hi acha rha thanku.. Priyanka mam ..

Mansi shah

Coach Bhumika has been instrumental in my 12-week journey, guiding me to lose 7 kgs. Her expertise, personalized approach, and continuous support made this transformation possible. Grateful for her dedication and encouragement throughout the process

Saarvi Devnani

My journey was amazing. Enjoy a lot with my coach Bhumika ji she is very cooperative and her diet is awesome. Never feel bore to had that diet.


Thank you for being such a great coach Reetal. You have helped me get back on track with my health and wellness goals. Your guidance and insight have been invaluable, especially when it comes to nutrition!


I am very thankful to Gunjan ma'am to start I'MWOW program and to help so many people to achieve fitness. I am very happy and lucky that I chose the personalized diet plan on the I'm Wow app. My coach, Reetal, was incredibly supportive, motivated me all the time, and provided perfect solutions to my problems. She understands my body's requirements, and accordingly, she offered amazing, healthy, and tasty recipes. She regularly followed up with me.You are amazing Reetal.I really appreciate every aspect of it. The I'm Wow app is genuinely useful, keeping you motivated towards your goals. The grocery list feature is very handy, and the exercise videos are step-by-step and easy to follow. Now, I know that healthy food can be tasty too. I highly recommend it to others in need. For those willing to transform themselves and follow this plan, they will undoubtedly see the results that I achieved. Thank you so much; I loved it! Thank you so much coach Reetal and Gunjan mam.


My journey with coach Richa was really incredible. She gave me so many healthy yet yummy meal plans. I haven’t only learned these super recipes but also learned how to control my cravings from all the junk food. And this is only because of Richa. She always motivated me in every possible ways. Thank you so much Richa :). So, I would definitely recommend I'MWOW program to everyone who need to loose weight or maintain a healthy food habit.

Jyothsna Venkatachalam

Thank you to the team I’MWOW. Richa is definitely a great coach !! It’s been 8 weeks now and I learnt a lot on this journey . I got to know about the healthy lifestyle, portion control ; still enjoying the food I love to eat. I feel much more lighter and energetic. Richa hears to all sorts of concerns and designs you the best plan! Until now I’ve lost almost 8kgs which I think is a great achievement ; who tried various methods which wasn’t fruitful . I’d really recommend I’m Wow for a healthy learning towards a healthy and better lifestyle


Coach Priyanka ma'am is very cooperative and every time guided me whenever I felt that I can't complete this journey she guided me very well manner . She always responded my call. Thank you ma'am..


The journey with I'MWOW was amazing. A big thank you to my amazing coach (Ankita Srivastava) for their kind guidance and motivation . quite happy with all of my diet and workout plans. The best thing about my coach was that she made plans based on my comfort level. From my own perspective, it would be fantastic if the app updated diet programs faster and more smoothly. I can remark that it works incredibly well and that it was fantastic to know about I'MWOW. Many thanks for it.

HarPreet kaur

My coach is Richa, she is very knowledgeable and very friendly, she listen very carefully about my preferences and gave me very nice diet plan which is very easy to follow and also with this diet I didn’t even loose weight, lost inches and feeling fully energetic throughout the day. I highly highly recommend I'MWOW team. Big thumbs up to my favorite coach Richa

Teja Divvi

Hi, Just wanted to drop a big thank you! In this past month, I've lost 4 kgs, and I couldn't have done it without your friendly support. You've been more than just a coach Surbhi – more like a friend cheering me on. Even on days when my schedule messed with the diet, your encouragement kept me going strong. During vacation also i have carried Moringa powder with me. Looking forward to more progress together! Thanks

Mousumi Sarkar

My weight was 59kg.I kept 1month diet and workout plan. It was personalized. My coach was very good. I really enjoyed my season a lot. After 1 month my weight was 55.40 kg. It was really a good journey. keep it up guys.

Tanay Kapoor

Great experience, Chetan sir is really knowledgeable and knows his work. He worked personally with me on my diet plan and gave me an effective and easy to follow diet plan according to my schedule. I have been using this diet plan for 2 weeks now and can see fairly visible results. He is always available whenever there is any issue. Overall it has been a great experience.

Krupa Chavan

It has been great 8 weeks! Chetan is kind and patient and answers all the questions. The plan was super easy to follow and I have Lost weight, inches and continue to feel more energetic and fit. Has been the best lifestyle change experience!

Raziea begum

Imwow team such mei wow hai meri life change kar di puri tarah se weight loss fat loss se zindagi mei bahut saare change aate hai mind meri life mei aane ke liye thank you so much Imwow and my coach Ankita mam is great coach she is motivational coach I love u Ankita mam and I'm wow team

Swarnadipa Roy

This is my first time taking diet plan from some one.. its a great experience.. for me they are not only provided diet plan i feels like home.. kisiki guidance ki bohot jarurat thi mujhe.. unhealthy lyf style tha mera jab jo chahe bahar kha leta tha aur bhuk bhi zyaada lagta tha mere ko.. aab toh apki diet plan se maje ki bat ye he ki bhok nahi lagti aur bahar kuch khane ka man hi nahi karta Hamesha ek galatfehmi thi ki diet khana swad nahi hota lekin apki diet plan se mujhe tasty tasty khane ko mila aur new new recipes try bhi kiya aur maje bhi aaya bahot..

Bhavna Shah

The diet plan was easy to follow. The communication with the coach - Tarushi Kathuria was extremely transparent. Had fun throughout this weight loss program. Would definitely recommend it to other people as well. The program was motivating and it helped boost my energy levels as well. Also the app interface is easy to operate.

Ruchi Goel

Firstly, i want to thankyou to Gunjan mam whose new year video motivates me to enroll in I’mwow program. I have joined 4week plan and loose around 3kg which is not as per my expectation but i have switched my diet to a healthy one and quit sugar. Secondly, I wanna thanks to my coach REETAL. She is amazing and guided me in every step. I will definitely follow this healthy routine in my life going forward. Last but not the least i enjoyed this beautiful journey with I’m wow.

Parthvi Suratia

I have tried many diet plans . But after I join I'MWOW. I still can eat everything like everything. And I am very much surprised with results in week one only. Its just about portions control and coach Bhumika was there with me every time in every moment. Highly recommend to join I'MWOW .

Sargam Gupta

It has been an amazing experience with Surbhi as a coach. She is highly skilled at understanding my taste requirements with food. I really look forward to the weekly calls with her. I still have 4 more weeks to go and have lost a considerable weight and inches with the program. The best part of the program is that it is very sustainable.

Pooja Choudhary

Coach Richa was really supportive and helpful throughout my journey and I learned so many things to keep myself active and fit through diet plan and Richa‘s guidance. I am really glad that I took this plan and started my fitness journey and I will keep all the key take away points in mind. You guys are doing good work , keep it up.

Swati Singh

I’ve had a positive impact of joining into this program. I lost almost 12 kgs of weight in my 3 months program. Bhumika was extremely supportive and encouraging. She is very good and understands the needs of the customers. I have been recommending this program to a lot of my friends.

Chandni Bedi

I love Coach Chetan! I have recommended him to my sister as well who joined the program. Coach Chetan is always supportive and encouraging. He helps me with any issues and answers all my questions. He also takes his time to discuss everything with me.


I feel overwhelmed that found the I'MWOW, it was a great experience to lose weight with delicious meal, coach Mayuri is very supportive and encouraging. Thank you I'MWOW.

Ruchi Agarwal

I had Ankita Srivastava as my Coach. I initially enrolled was 12 weeks and after seeing the endless benefits I further enrolled for another 12 weeks. In the 24 weeks I lost over 14 kgs. I am extremely thankful to Ankita for guiding me all through my journey and answering to all questions so I had. She gave me diet plans that suited my busy lifestyle where I work full time and stay abroad. I have learnt the art of how to have balanced meals all thanks to Ankita. I also started working out and doing my walks and being active as per Ankita’s guidelines. Thanks a lot Ankita, Gunjan and I'MWOW for this wonderful program. I need to do further fat loss and I have once again enrolled on the I'MWOW program which I really looking forward to starting soon.

Deepa Kotwani

It was a great journey with Ankita, having home cooked meals of Sindhi Punjabi cuisine, which we generally have , all with portion size . Anyone who is looking to loose weight shall join IMWOW team and easily follow and loose weight happily.


I want to give a huge shout out to Surbhi, she is a great human! Definitely an excellent nutritionist, but I say a great human because she had the understanding to sense whenever i was low. I was 3 months postpartum when i started this program, and my main focus was to eat healthy and lose some weight if i could, but my ultimate goal was to get into a habit of eating and cooking healthy so that i can breastfeed my baby and be healthy at the same time. I have definitely achieved a routine, and by end of this program i have learned so much from Surbhi. I might have just lost 4-5 kgs, but i am very satisfied trust me. Surbhi absolutely encouraged me, tweaked my plan according to my convenience so that meal prep could be easy for me while taking care of my newborn, and also gave me breaks when i was low so that i don't feel pressurized. Thank you Surbhi, you are a gem of a person and i loved this journey with you as my coach.


The journey of 4weeks has been superb because the diet plans suggested here are all our routine lifestyle dishes. Infact My husband ate the same food I cooked for myself (only the quantity was a little more ??) The detailed breakup of the plan helps ensure you are not adding anything extra Ankita my coach was patient and listened to me and ensured I was given a plan that suits my requirements Availability on chat is a huge bonus of this program as it helps you stay on track I have loved watching Gunjan and her videos for so many years now and that was another motivation to start with I’mwow. This is not my end of the journey and I going to do this again with Ankita and I’mwow after a break due to personal reasons!!!


It's been pleasure that I have chosen I M Wow. My diet coach Mr. Chetan has been really helpful with my weight loss journey. My diabetes been control, now I don't have to take tablets every day now. My inches have been reduced only in 3 weeks. Highly recommend I m wow . Thanks Chetan sir.


I would like to thank IMWOW and my coach Tarushi in this journey. During this I have developed some good healthy habits and came to know about the importance of exercising and keeping yourself fit. My coach Tarushi, is very informative and her guidance and motivation is very appreciable. Thank you Imwow and my Coach Tarushi for your support in my journey.


I would like to thank my coach Reetal and Imwow team, who made this app to help people to improve their health. My coach was very helpful, she always helped me during my weight loss journey. She has vast knowledge about food and nutrition. I lost 10 kg weight in 4 months. Thanks Reetal and Imwow team.

Anu hada

After delivery I try to loose my weight but weight not loose after join I'm wow and meet my coach Priyanka ma'am is great she design wonderful diet plan and I can loss weight and she motivated to me so much she is really good and I hope I get back my shape in this plan, I thank I'm wow and my coach Priyanka.

Khushboo agrawal

Hello! I would love say my coach Priyanka mam is amazing. Just because of her I lost almost 7 kg weight in a month. Thank you mam. You are amazing mam.


Chetan has been great. He is knowledgeable and prompt in his replies. He also works diet and workout plan to my (i.e client’s) need/schedule. He is awesome and came recommended by my sister.

Chetanpreet kaur

My coach Mayuri, she is very nice. She makes my diet plans according to my priorities. Every week she ask me about my likes and dislikes and then make the diet plan. Her plans are easy to follow and quick recipes. Thank you coach I love to continue with you.

Dr. Anindita Sarkar Dutta

My coach was extremely friendly; she assisted me to experience a desired transformation of myself through incorporating some simple healthy habits in my daily life. I wish her to be the coach of lots of other persons who are really in need of dietary assistance.

Ayushi Ajit

Mayuri ma'am is one the best coaches i have worked with. She is very flexible and always listened to my food preferences. She has never been hard on me and took care of my challenges and doubts as well. She has been very kind and helpful and motivating. Whenever i had doubt or anything troubled me she was there to help me fight all the challenges. I was able to reduce near around 9 kgs in a span of 3 months, i will continue my journey with her and will try accomplish more goals.

Jagrati Agrawal

(1) loved the flexibility of coach in terms of giving plan as per my changing living conditions, (2) Coach gave many handy practical tips to be able to follow the plan (3) While discussion, coach patiently answered all my queries because self-education was also one of my goals.

Roshan Tripathy

The journey has been good so far with IMWOW and my assigned coach Chetan. He has been patient in listening to all the concerns and suggesting the correct input and right direction. It feels good to give a try to change in lifestyle and seeing results when you follow it. I will keep trying to improve in my journey. Thanks much to my IMWOW coach Chetan for his guidance !!

Preeti Walia

I love the workout routine and the diets given are so clear and specific that I lost 5-6 kg in 1.5 months

Sarabjit kaur

Diet plan is really good. I lost my weight very quickly my coach also really good. She listened very carefully overall is really good. I really enjoyed my diet I didn't feel bored.

Vidya Dilip Dhumal

I love the coordination and services From My Coach and Everything I'm wow app also good to help the people to make the journey happier and healthier. I Enjoyed the Diet and Workout plan form My Coach Priyanka Ma'am.

Gaurav N

Chetan has been a great coach. He has considered the requests and able to accommodate into tge diet plan. He has been very understanding throughout this journey.

Harjinder kaur

One day I was just scrolling down the instagram and saw Gunjan,s video for healthy life style. I got impressed by her thoughts and I immediately registered my self for customized diet plan. I lost 3 kg in just one month. Diet plan was amazing. The one thing I liked most is that the coach Mayuri Joshi called me and she tries to learn about my daily routine for eating and then she designed the plan according to my preferences for eating .She gave me everything I used to eat before. She gave me Paranthas, yummy recipes for wraps, tikis,sandwiches,poha upma everything and a lot of variety in food. Loved every recipe. Even my son said yummy after eating my Mexican wrap. I remembered one day kareena Kapootr Khan and her dietician saying that she is eating rice in the dinner and I was like how she can have rice during dieting. So now I got to know about the importance of portion control in diet and I can also say that I’m eating everything including rice in my dinner. All thanks to Mayuri (Coach) for her help and Gunjan for creating such a beautiful app.


Chetan Sethi is a good coach. Every-time he gives detail explanation for diet and workout. Resolves my query. Takes a weekly check whether I am facing any challenges or having any trouble.

Chandni Bedi

I love coach chetan! He’s the best. He listens to my questions and always helps me as I need it. He is also very supportive.


Mayuri , my coach , she is very supportive and understanding . I really appreciate her patience . Thank you so much


Bhumika is very diligent and helped to lose weight. Shared lip smacking diet plan and literally I did not feel that I need a cheat meal. I will be on vacation for a week and will continue with her once I am back from my vacation. Great going Bhumika . I hope I will lose more weight in near future under your guidance

Bhupendra Kaur

Bhumika is a very good coach. She understood my eating habit and choices and based upon she gave diet plan. She was very supportive and I would recommend IMWOW to others too.

Shruti Vasishta

Overall it was a good program, coach motivated and guided wonderfully. She was knowledgeable. Diet plan was easy to follow and coach made the changes as suggested.

Neelam verma

I m happy with my overall experience, I hope I can reduce more fat and weight in next few weeks. I liked the follow along workouts with coach anand a lot . Thanks!

Pratiksha Rai

I am extremely happy with the results i have experienced. I don’t think i can ever trust or rely on someone else except IMWOW. It has been an amazing experience. This was my second time enrolling in weight loss program. I am sure gonna rejoin in few months.


Surbhi was patience and listened to all my dietary restrictions. I re-enrolled with her for the second time.


After my first baby arrival ,I was looking forward to losing weight. I believe it is important to have our energy levels back, and meanwhile I read success stories of women bouncing back to their weight through IMWOW app. At first, I will give thanks to Gunjan mam for this initiative and the whole team who is supporting and guiding us throughout the journey. I talked to Annubha mam, who really helped me with all the details of this program. I'm really happy I enrolled myself in this program and took diet plan under my coach Richa mam. She is really a wonderful and very supportive lady. I feel very positive and energetic after talking to her.?She gave me a variety of recipes, which are easy to cook and contain all types of nutrition. My coach, Richa, mam did modification in my lifestyle, which is doable in my busy life too. She gave me option based diet plans according to my body requirements. She also taught how to control the portions and to balanced meals in a stylish way by including soup, salads, dosa and roti. I can say that I lost around 5 kgs in 4 weeks. I still have a long way to go. I am truly grateful to the IMWOW program. Once again, thank you so much, Richa mam and the IMWOW team?.

Kanchan Balwani

I am well satisfied My weight loss journey with your help was just wow and I m glad to have an amazing time with you I have connected with IMWOW 3rd time as I have shared 210 photos according to my weight and also videos as I have gaining confidence more day by day. Thank you I love IMWOW & Richa Kakwani Mam.

Manpreet Kaur

Surbhi is amazing coach. I have become so much more aware and knowledgeable about how to help my body get the best nourishment. I've learned about my eating habits and how small, incremental changes can lead to big results. Now, no matter what situation I am in, and whether I am eating vegetables or cake, I make the right decisions for my body. It's a comfort to know that you don't have to give up any food or restrict yourself in order to get a healthier body. Surbhi guided me very well and keep t track on my diet plan. I really recommend it to everyone. I lost around 5 kgs and my body also looks slimmer. All thanks to Surbhi and of course I M WOW.


I got a very good result in 4 week For such a good result, my coach Priyanka was always with me. thank you so much?

Sudakshna Gudwani

Thank you Richa for making this weight loss journey so smooth. She motivated me when times were hard for me and always encouraged me to stay on track. The meals in the diet plan were tailored to my liking, special occasions were considered & the recipes were good. My target weight was achieved & Richa has been an awesome coach. I am wow & so are you ?

Mani Bhatia

I'm so grateful for your support and guidance on my weight loss journey. You've made a huge difference in my life.??

Rajdeep kaur

My coach Surbhi Rajpoot helped me a lot. I was so stressed and worried about my son and for myself as well. My diet was very poor. I had acne problems and hormone imbalance from 3 years. I am a full time working women and I have 6 years old son and I am doing study and housework. I was not eating properly and always worried about my health. When I met surbhi then I felt so good and now I don’t have acne skin and I loose some weight I feel so good now. Before,I was struggling with brain fog but now I don’t have this problem anymore. All thanks to Surbhi. She completely change my life and I don’t have any stress about my meals. She planned my meals according to my choice. People give me nice compliments. I want to carry on my plan with Surbhi for another year. She is amazing. Thank you so much ?

Deepti Chamoli

I would say to my coach many thanks for having so much patience as due to some circumstances couldn't follow the plan correctly but he continuously guided me to better diet options, encouraging me to do workouts.

Priyanka Srivastava

I m very much thank full to my coach Ankita. These 12 weeks are life changing, I have so much health issues and stressed but my coach is so understanding she always feels me comfort. listen my all kinds of concerns and helped me in my mental stress. thanks wow team and my Lovely coach Ankita Rawat ???

Prasankumar Ajamani

Coach Chetan Sethi is a very calm person listen the problem very calmly and advise to make some changes, which will really helpful. He make diet plan according to our wish and he reply very soon to our queries.


I have been really satisfied by by weight loss journey . Some of My health problems are cured. I will always be thankful of my Coach and the facilities you'll provided.

Meenu Mathur

I am very much thankful to IMWOW for making my life amazing and special thanks to my coach Ankita. She is very helpful and help me get rid of many diseases like acidity anemia which was the major problems of my life also I lose some weight looking forward to join again .

Ritika Dhawan

Dear Bhumika Sharma, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible diet plan you created for me. Your expertise and guidance have truly made a positive impact on my health journey. However, I must confess that despite my best intentions, I struggle with consistency, especially during times of stress and emotional imbalance. It's during these moments that I find myself turning to food for comfort, which ultimately affects my progress. I want you to know that your support and motivation mean the world to me. Your encouragement has helped me stay on track during the good times, but I realize now more than ever how much I rely on it during the challenging times. I am committed to making positive changes in my life, and I know that with your continued support, I can overcome these obstacles and achieve my health goals. Your dedication to my well-being has not gone unnoticed, and I am truly grateful to have you as my dietician. Thank you once again.

Shabana parvin

This app is very easy to operate coach Priyanka maam n management member. Annubha ma'am are very easy going very calm n helpful all these things together makes IMWOW best for any one to start their weight loss journey. I am loving this app .


I did 4 week program and reduced 5 kg. I am re enrolling for another 4 weeks. I learnt basics of portion control and started working out too. I will continue my journey just taking 2 weeks break to fulfil some personal commitments.


IMWOW HELPS IN ACHIEVING ALL YOUR HEALTH GOALS. WITH AMAZING COACHES. My coach chetan sir has been a constant support. Would totally recommend IMWOW. It’s literally a Game Changer! ????

Priti Jindal

Reetal and I am Wow team - you are all doing an awesome job in transforming people's lives. Everything was great - no complaints at all. Reetal, as a coach, helped me in achieving my goals and taught me so many things which are helping me and my family. Thank you so much.

Bindu Nair

Thanks Ankita and I’m wow for improving my health. Just completed my half way of my Journey and hope for the same cooperation and politeness from you Ankita .

Balvinder Kaur

My experience with my coach Priyanka was great. Her behaviour and communication is excellent. I would like to be with Priyanka when I join again. Thanks Priyanka for taking care of me. God bless you.

Manab Kumar Chakraborty

This is first time I take diet plan for fitness. It's good and specially the Coach Chetan ji. He is very good, gentle and helpful person. He listen my problems very carefully and provide the necessary solution. Thank you very much.

Sarika Sehra

I lost approx. 5 kgs in 4 weeks. Great food varieties and great experience till so far. Thanks to Priyanka for her wonderful guidance.

Neha Joshi

I had a positive experience with Priya as my coach during my weight loss journey. She is very dedicated, flexible, observant, a great listener and knowledgeable in her approach. I appreciate the tips and tricks she shared with me during the sessions and the right approach to losing weight. Due to the time difference, she was doing late-night sessions with me and every single day she started the session with great energy and motivation. I have started seeing a lot of difference in my energy, confidence level and body flexibility since day one. Thank you for all your hard work.


I am really enjoying my transformation journey with my coach. She is very generous. She hears me well in the counseling call and prepare my diet plan and workout plan taking into consideration every tiny little problems of mine be it my body ache, my fasting or anything. Previously I felt so stressed of doing my fasting but she made it so easy that I am able to do my fasting as well as losing weight too. Changes in recipes every week and getting new cuisines to try every week gives me extra motivation. I am looking forward to see my dream figure ?

Harmeet Kaur

Chetan is an amazing coach, very understanding and extremely patient to answer all the queries. I am really happy with the diet plan he is sharing with me, simple home cooked meal meeting my expectation. I am highly satisfied and expect to achieve my weight loss goals under his expert guidance.

Haritma Sodhi

I am very happy with I’m wow services and my coach Chetan Sethi. He is very understanding and suggests very easy to follow diet which is in accordance to my lifestyle and routine. I have learnt some very good habits including water intake, meal frequency and portion size.


I am really happy to lose with your diet plan as previously I used to lose only 2 kgs whenever I tried and there will be rebound weight gain once I stop ; now I am confident that I will be able to maintain this weight .Thank you so much ?

Shravya koovuri

Extremely satisfied with diet schedule, regular calls on status updates, friendly coach, loved the service. I will be definitely signing in again.

Yukti Pant

I really liked the coach Reetal, enjoyed her diet plans. And good thing about her diet plans was that I never felt weakness, in fact during dieting I was more energetic and active. She was always ready to adjust my diet plans according to my needs and situations.

Ameena Shad

It was really great. I haven’t been around 70kg in a very very long time. I have gained so much knowledge on grains and portions. It worked wonders to me. Thank you so much.

Sandhya Bhardwaj

I am happy with my coach and diet plan through out my one month weight loss journey. I learned more about importance healthy lifestyle. I enjoyed my journey a lot with Ankita Rawat (my coach).

Samiksha Dash

I am really loving this journey, I always felt losing weight can be extremely difficult and painful but my coach makes sure I am enjoying the whole process and yet sticking to my goal.

Manbir kaur

Nothing much ,but Ms. Ankita Rawat is a very good dietitian and coach as well, she’s calm and patient and professional too if I will ever come back to your app I would still ask for her guidance and would recommend her to my friends too. Thanku ankita mam keep up the good work :)

Madhu Agrawal

Coach was great & app was also good. Only thing I would recommend that there should be more interaction with the people those who are under same dietician. Thanks Ms. Bhumika for your support during my weight loss journey.


Reetal is just amazing as a person as a coach in general she has amazing personality to keep you motivated for good. I have to say I did cheat sometime but i still got some result if i would have followed the plan fully as per her instructions i would be amazed but still she was always pulling me back to track everytime I cheat .

Mayura Tendulkar

I am liking the experience. The diet plan and workout plan is fantastic. Wishing I could see difference in my stamina and activity level. I am looking forward to upcoming weeks.

Ruchi Patel

You all are doing great! The program is Easy to follow and life-changing! I am happy that I came across the channel on YouTube! Thank you, Gunjan and your whole team!

Anusha Agrawal

I started with the Diet plan in August expecting it to be super strict which would limit many options. But I came across IMWOW through YouTube and social media and followed it for some time and chose to have Reetal as my dietician and this ended up as the best decision I took in my weight loss journey. She made dieting so easy that it never felt like I was actually on a diet. She also included all the dishes I loved and was always ready to consider changing the items I did not like. Most importantly, I learned the concept of Mindful eating and dividing food in proportions. It is the game changer of any weight loss journey is what I realized. Very grateful to Reetal, Gunjan, and the entire IMWOW team. Definitely looking forward to having Reetal as my dietician again whenever I choose to have a diet again. Thank You, IMWOW Team.

Reeni Srivastava

Soumya is the best coach ever. She understands her client's requirements very well and designed plans accordingly. Motivates me to follow a diet. I never thought that I would lose weight. However, this had happened and I am into my weight which I was 5 years ago. All thanks to Soumya. She made weight loss very easy and of course very tasty. Every week I look forward to the next plan. She is amazing. Looking forward to my upcoming journey.


Hi, I’MWOW team before I could share my experience I would like to thank this platform which give me amazing support for my weight loss journey, and a huge thanks to my beautiful and wonderful coach Vidhi mam for being such an amazing person in my journey. I am a student and was busy with academics having no time for workouts because of my busy schedule and having an unhealthy eating pattern I gained a lot of weight. I went to the gym and started working out though my workout was good I had a problem with the diet no idea what to eat when to eat and how to eat the right portion then I came across the Imwow channel on YouTube and signed up for a 4-week program. All the diet recipes were really easy I am really bad at cooking but all the recipe videos were available so it was easy for me to cook actually I had a wonderful time here not only I lost weight but also learned how to cook my family too liked the meals I prepared. During weight loss, many people always said you need to eat only salads and nothing else but here the diet meals were so amazing I got to enjoy pancakes and pasta too. I always thought I had to avoid them but here I got to know you can make a healthy version of it. None of the meals were boring I enjoyed it a lot and finally today I lost 4 kgs. I was 82kgs in the beginning now with proper guidance I am 78.2 learned a lot during the journey thank you Vidhi mam and wow team.

Dilmeet Kaur

I had a great time in the program, and i learned a lot about my body through this! My coach Surbhi, was great and would always available for anything I needed. She also kept me motivated throughout the journey. I actually lost 4kgs in 4 weeks. I would definitely recommend the program for someone who wants to start their fitness journey.

Vanshika jaswal

The journey was amazing and my coach really gave me some awesome diet plans according to my lifestyle. My body feels much lighter and energetic . Even the app was so systematic. Overall it was a lovely experience.


I would like to share my weight loss journey. I had been suffering from overweight issue for long. I already had tried multiple options like yoga, jogging and even Zumba but nothing helped. I came across I'MWOW and just thought to give it a try. And WOW.... It was a great fortune to meet BHUMIKA ma'am. She is someone who just changed my life. Under her guidance, I not only lost 8 kg but also learnt the way of living by phenomenal diet plan. Most important thing is that I never felt like I am starving myself with the provided diet plan. It was really fun as I learnt so many great food habits under her guidance. Throughout the journey, she guided and motivated me and helped me to get the best results. Extremely grateful to her and wishing her all my best wishes. Facing overweight issue? No worry. Join I,MWOW and opt for Bhumika ma'am. Cheers. Thank you IMWOW and Bhumika ma'am once again from the bottom of my heart.

Preeti Cheema

I did not know what to eat and what not to eat during my first pregnancy before I met Ankita. She taught me what is right and wrong, breaking all the myths I had in my mind that we have been hearing since ages. I am very grateful to her for understanding my situation and working with me accordingly.

Khushbu Gandhi

I just simply love being with I’m wow team!! I like eating yummy food given by them. This is my second time with I’MWOW and I feel so energetic doing there weight loss challenge. So easy it becomes with Reetal Mam and Just perfect she always helps me loosing my excess weight!! Gunjan Mam u have changed the definition of dieting!! Kudos to u ! Love the Coach and entire team.

Prachi Kiran Maniyar

To lose 12 kg in just a time span of 8 weeks was a wonderful experience. Initial days were tough but then once u are getting used to it and stick to diet chart it indeed help body not to lose only weight but it takes you to an healthy lifestyle. Thanks to my coach Priyanka and really appreciate efforts you put to helps us achieve goal

Shekhaf Gaind

Coach Chetan is a fantastic gem of a soul. He has perfectly understood my body and given the best of diet. Results are amazing and very much happy to be with him. The knowledge he holds about nutrition is fabulous.

Himanshi Tiwari

I joined the 12-week fitness program and in the span of this duration I have learnt a lot about my body, my health and wise eating choices we must make on a day to day basis in our everyday lives. My coach Richa Kakwani is not just an amazing coach, perfect with the meal plans and the diversity she provides in the weekly options but she is also an amazing person who ensures that all your personal problems with regard to health etc. are addressed alongside. She ensured the weekly counselling calls addressed all my concerns and this journey has helped me lose around 8 kgs, and even though the programme is ending, I will try to ensure I imbibe the healthy eating habits in my everyday life. I have definitely become more conscious of what I am eating even when I am going out, or not strictly following the diet. My coach ensured all my cravings are catered to, for instance, I have a sweet tooth, so she always put healthy smoothies in my diet to cater to my sugar cravings. I think it was a very well balanced plan and ensured that I learn, evolve and transform in these 12 weeks. Even though the program is ending, I will continue my fitness journey and make Richa ma'am and Gunjan ma'am happy with my results. Thanks a lot to the team for helping me in this journey!


The diet plans are quite interesting and enjoyable. I am improving my health, loosing weight, and becoming more fit everyday. I am understanding the food better now. Thank you very much for helping me to improve myself.


Thank you so much, Richa! It was an amazing journey and joining IMWOW was one of the BEST decisions I have taken for myself. I can't thank enough the entire Team of IMWOW and especially you Richa. I have learned so much from new healthy recipes to different kinds of exercises and became so disciplined in terms of my food habits. Also, it's just the beginning, and I will continue this healthy lifestyle. You have always motivated me whenever I was down. Always available to answer my questions even though I was not in the same time zone but I never felt I am missing out on anything as you always replied and helped me. I never thought the weight loss journey can be fun and never thought I can ever get to eat tasty food but I was wrong, your diet plan was always great and tasty. Thank you so much for everything you did and I will recommend the IMWOW plan to everyone. Kudos to the team IMWOW and a huge shout out to Richa maam.

Jeenal Upadhyay

During my journey of 6months with busy work schedule and in between breaks due to unavoidable reasons I was able to reduce arnd 6kgs. I started my journey with 77.8kg and ended up arnd 71.8kg..All thanks to my coach Richa for being so patient whn I go off track of my meal plans but again pushing me back on track.. thanks for keeping me motivated whn I gave up on my journey and helped me with intermittent fasting.. thanks to entire Imwow team for giving me nicest coach!!


I totally loved this journey of 4 weeks. My coach, Smridhi ji is extremely talented, helpful, knowledgeable and always available. She understood all my concerns and objectives, thus helping me achieve the desired results in a sustainable manner. Kudos to the coach as well as the entire team of IMWOW!!

Nisha Mahapatro

I had a great experience with IMWOW. I was hopeless before a month looking at frequently increasing weight but today I am confident that even I can lose weight and get a healthy life with the efforts I made in the past month...A very heartful thanks to my coach Aditi who encouraged me throughout the month and listened to me.

Trusha Trivedi

It's a really great journey with my coach Ms. Richa I feel incredible after following my personal nutrition plan. It keeps me motivated throughout my journey.

Kausar Tarique

Working with diet coach Ankita has been an incredible experience. Her guidance and support have led to outstanding results in my weight loss journey, Thank you, Ankita, for being an exceptional coach and for making a profound impact on my well-being. Your support and guidance will always be cherished and remembered.

Maria Almeida

I almost lost 8lbs. I feel very Excited to say i choose the correct dietician and program. My coach Surbhi showed so much faith and encouraged me during this time. Patiently listened to what i wanted and my routine. Above all it was that she made sure i was happy with my plan. Thank you for your help coach surbhi. I will remain to be fit and healthy the same way i am now.


I had no idea that just losing weight would make me so good. I feel lucky that I chose to come to you. And the only way I would lose weight was through dieting and starving. But you taught me the right procedure with the best diets and workouts. I lost 5-6 kgs. But gain lots of confidence. Thank you Soumya maam for being such an amazing dietician. I express my gratitude towards you for all that you did.

Aliva Das

My 4 weeks journey coach was - Shraddha. Extremely happy the way she curated my diet chart specially keeping in mind all my likes and dislikes! Moreover, she kept a good check on the calories intake while considering all the pros and cons. My takeaway from this journey is - portion control is very important rather than depriving yourself from your favourite bites! Thanks for all the guidance Shraddha.

Anubha Kachhwaha

Thank you so much for this amazing journey u all are doing a great job by helping others in their transformation and it's commendable I have lost around 8 kgs, big thanks to my coach Bhumika maam and the IMWOW team for cooperating and helping me in this journey.


I admire Gunjan the founder a lot. There’s so much to learn from her. And I am so glad that I got Reetal as my coach. The way she pushed me was commendable. No matter how many times I messed she was there to help me get back on track. She would tell me. No worries Payal. Just start this week with the positive energy!!. That’s what I needed. I have tried many diets. But the detailing and in depth diets you guys have given is incomparable. Happy with the results. Thanks and Regards.

Rachita Mishra

You guys are doing a great job. Sometimes just shedding extra kilos is not the target for everyone. It is a lifestyle change IMWOW is promoting. Glad to be a part of it and aim to see you soon!

Prachi Kiran maniyar

Thanks to my coach Priyanka. She was indeed helpful in this entire 4 week plan . With her proper diet plan in 4 weeks I was able to reduce my weight by 8 kg. She always motivated me throughout this journey. And kudos to this program .


I am so thankful for your guidance and support in my transformation. I feel happy light and confident. it's not only helping to improve my physical health but also the betterment of my mental health I feel more energetic and pleasant. I can see the change in my body and mind in many ways my skin is glowing since I am following a healthy diet and working out regularly. Thanks, Soumya my coach, and Gunjan for this amazing work. love you both for what you are doing.

Saira Bano

My love and lots of hugs to my lovely Gunjan and my beautiful Bhumika. Watching videos of Gunjan makes me energetic, and enthusiastic to achieve my goal in my daily life routine. Lots of love and best wishes to IMWOW team members and my motivation – role model Gunjan maam.

Somya Tripathi

It was a wonderful experience. Though I didn't lose much weight. But my eating habit and water intake have improved. And I am feeling lighter n energetic than before.

Amanpreet Kaur

I am very happy with my coach. She helped me a lot in changing my lifestyle with healthy food and motivated me all the time. Even though I lose 4-5 kgs in 1 month. I am shocked when I fit into my old clothes. Thank you so much for your guidance @Saumya.

Pramila Kumar

Very simple and doable diet and workout plan. Regular follow-ups with my coach. Very understanding and cooperative coach. Thank You.

Faiza Ali

I got the best result because of my coach's instruction. Whenever my weight got stuck she really helped me very well and it gives me a good result. My target I didn't reach my that because it was a big difference in my goal weight but whatever I lose I am satisfied with my coach.

Ruchi Patel

Keep doing great work! You all are doing wonders! The plan is so realistic that it's easier to incorporate into your routine! I am regaining my confidence back! And I am utterly grateful for that! THANK YOU!


I have never seen a much more organized app than this. And my coach is really catering to my needs and I can see the results of that.

Neha Bhardwaj

I joined 4 weeks plan and within such a short period I lost almost 6 kgs. The guidance and support provided by my Coach Aditi are appreciable. Also, the meals provided in the diet plan are very healthy and tasty, loved eating all the healthy food. Also will continue to follow Gunjan's shouts on you tube.


At first, I thought it would be tough for me to follow the diet but now my eating habits have completely changed. I eat healthily and I feel happy, confident, and more energetic. My lifestyle has completely changed. It is the best thing I have done for myself. Thank you Soumya maam for being with me in my weight loss journey. You have always encouraged me. It was a wonderful journey with you.


I had this amazing journey of losing weight with Richa. I never went down from 63kgs since 2012, post delivery. She made it so easy and her great motivation kept me going. At times diet was getting difficult but then with her constant efforts and willingness to do it turned out to be a habit.

Deepa S Rao

I loved the IMWOW program so much because it was flexible and understanding. My Coach Bhumika was awesome she was with me in this weight loss journey like a friend who made me comfortable and cheered me on as each week progressed. Thanks for everything joining the program was the best decision of my life.

Harshita Garg

These 8 weeks have been some of the great weeks of my life so far in terms of health. I have reduced 6 kgs of body weight this time and also had a major transformation of my mindset. The diet plan, the workouts, the coach, the conversations everything made me a better person and way more confident than before. Although it's the end of my journey with IMWOW I'll say, it's just the start of my fitness journey! Now, I exactly know how to keep myself fit throughout the day and eat tasty food. The entire team did a great job, especially my coach Aditi. If I ever lose track, I know whom to contact!!!

Harpreet Kaur

You all are wonderful and very helpful in all aspects almost all my health issues are resolved due to your diet plans thanks for making this app Gunjan and thanks to my coach Ankita who's been a great great great coach. Love You, Dear.


I learned a lot from Ankita, I came with a goal in mind to lose weight and learn to eat healthily and I'm happy to say I achieved both with Ankita's guidance. More than that she taught me a lot about lifestyle changes. Ankita is very knowledgeable and always has answers to all my questions, it was a great experience to work with Ankita and IMWOW team.

Swati Nanda

I love the way the app and program are designed. Coach Radhika Jain is AMAZING. She is very professional, understands my needs, and caters to my diet plan. The meals that she gives me are simple and easy to cook. I don't even feel I am on diet. Thanks, coach Radhika and IMWOW.


Thanks, IMWOW for such a great initiative. It's always not about weight loss/weight gain but about the healthy active lifestyle which I have learned from this program. Everything is superb here and thanks a lot.

Shreya Verma

My overall experience has been really great so far. I have lost 6kgs in almost 2 months. This is the highest amount of weight I have lost in a really long time. Happy to be a part of the program.

Diwakar Mishra

Both diet and workout plans are very good, and within a week I started feeling lightweight. Chetan is a very experienced coach and every week we have a session on how everything is going like diet plan/exercise if any changes are required, he provides the plan based on communication & that's the best part.


Having an amazing experience, the plan is as per my liking and requirement. a very sustainable and enjoyable plan. Didn't feel as if on diet and yet losing weight. Kudos to Aditi and Team IMWOW

Dimple Patel

I joined IMWOW, post-watching Gunjan's videos the transformation was absolutely amazing, another video was eye catcher where she took coach help to reduce some 5kgs and that was the moment I said I need to join. Reducing weight was always a big challenge for me I went through a crash diet, keto, and protein shake but it just didn't work for me. Coach Richa is amazing, I am not at all feel like I am on diet, completed 4 weeks and I was able to lose 4 kgs all thanks to Richa and the team IMWOW


I'm very happy with my diet journey and also thankful to my coach Bhumika maam and team IMWOW she is a very polite and lovable person she helped me whenever I needed it.


I am a person who struggled to eat, and because of my eating issues, I had put on a lot of weight. After joining IMWOW and under the guidance of Radhika maam I've lost 2.2 kgs in under 2 weeks. I'm extremely happy with the kind of coaching that I've had till now and also about the weight loss. Looking forward to losing more weight.

Kiran Khatri

My coach Aditi Maam is very understanding of dieticians even she also teaches me how to live a healthy lifestyle. Before enrolling into the IMWOW team while I'm on diet my cravings go to Manchuria, noodles, etc. which are unhealthy. But she helped me to switch from vegetable Manchuria to normal Manchuria. No one understood my health problem (other dietitians) but Aditi's maam not only understand me even she also helps me to support me in each & everything. I mean to say my cravings were stopped with the help of Aditi maam. There are lots of things to appreciate Aditi maam. Today my weight is normal according to my height but I don't want to leave the IMWOW team. So a big Thanks to Aditi maam, Gunjan maam & IMWOW team.

Muskan Parth Gadhvi

Thank you so much, Richa. Just because of you I was able to lose 14kg in 5 months and So many inches I am really really happy that I choose you as my coach because you were so polite and calm. The best thing about you is that you always ask if I want to eat something if I'm craving something or not because of that I was able to eat my favorite food and still lose weight I would recommend IMWOW to anyone my journey is not over yet and it is not about losing weight it's all about adapting these healthy habits and follow for a lifetime. Once again thank you so much Richa and IMWOW team.

Vinita Sawant

I'm loving my diet plans, my coach Aditi is all ears when I need motivation and she also considers my cravings and alters my diet chart accordingly. You guys are doing a great job, Aditi! Thank you IMWOW

Sharanjit Kaur

I would like to thank my coach Ankita Rawat for transforming my life. She taught me that just by changing your food you can change your life and that happened to me. Moreover, there was a good impact on my family's mentality in terms of food choices. Now we discuss healthy food choices and the importance of a balanced diet. That was the only reason I joined IMWOW though I was not much concerned with losing weight. Thanks a ton, maam.

Anshul Lalchandani

It's been an amazing journey, just have one regret that wish I would have joined earlier, I surely feel more alive and energetic! All thanks to Gunjan for building this up, and my coach Chetan, for being amazing and supportive even when I might have irritated him by not responding on time!

Yashashree Virkar

I am very glad that I joined this program. My coach Reetal was very supportive throughout my journey. She gave me lots of delicious yet healthy options for my meals. I also learned some new recipes on this journey that I had never eaten or cooked. I got to learn how much and what to eat at what time. I am very thankful to IMWOW program that I lost 8 kg in 12 weeks. I will try to follow my learnings from this program every day. Thank you so much.

Kirtika Arora

Reetal was great, very patient with me, and very nice to me. She understood my issues and always worked around what I wanted. She has always been available and has been around every time I needed assistance. I lost around 10 kgs even after having PCOD and not being active in the gym or physical activity. I have also done cheating and still managed to lose weight. This program has made me change my lifestyle and now I am 100% sure that I will be following this forever. Grateful to Reetal to be around and couldn't have asked for more.


Reetal didi is an excellent coach!! She deals with me with great patience and all thanks to her I'm on a great transformation journey with her. I won't leave her so easily even after achieving my target!


It was a great program, which helps one to maintain a healthy and clean diet. It has helped me a lot with thyroid control and period cramps. I would love to recommend this to whomsoever is needed. Great job. It was a delightful journey for me! Thank you so much Vidhi. It's been great collaborating with you.


Hello wanted to say, Thank you to my coach Reetal and GunjanShouts and the entire team of imwow this program is working for me I don't need to crave any food. The recipe is very delicious and easy to make I enjoy my whole weak workout as well I am grateful to my coach Reetal and Gunjan. My morning starts with this amazing person who motivated me throughout my day Thank you guys for keeping motivated me and other people.

Salma Sultana

My Coach, Soumya is amazing. The past few months have been quite draining emotionally and physically. Soumya has been very patient and kind to me. I am so grateful for the considerate attitude that she has toward me.

Sonali Verma

Really like the yummy meals that were a part of the diet plan. Bhumika has been really motivating throughout the journey. She was flexible and also patient. I lost around 4 kgs in 8 weeks. Thanks to Bhumika for everything


Although I opted for just one month plan it completely changed my personality, mindset, and lifestyle. Looking forward to continuing with this lifestyle throughout my life.


Hi Richa and IMWOW team, I started my transformation journey around 3 months ago and now I can lose 12 kgs and which I could have never imagined doing without your help and continue with this process. Even living abroad I don't feel like I am less connected to you(Richa) as a weekly consultant call and during that week whenever I have questions I can ask and you reply as soon as possible. The meal plan has very verities of dishes. I am very grateful and pleased that I chose you for my transformation. Thank you.

Renu Tomar

Ankita maam is really a great coach, I am very happy with my weight loss journey, sometimes I forgot that I am on diet it's really a very easy way to lose weight you can eat everything and after that, you will get a great result, I just want to say thank you Ankita Maam.

Priyanka Singh

I enrolled in one monthly transformation program, and I am so happy with my result, I lost around 3 kgs in a month without compromising my social life commitment (like parties). Still, I managed to lose 3 kgs. Being a patient of Hypothyroidism, losing 3 kgs is really a big thing for me. Thank u so much Aditi for ur guidance n support. I stopped my journey here because I m going to India after a year and I just want to enjoy all the food made by mum, and the biggest gift I have got from IMWOW is mindful eating which I am going to continue. Thank u so much Aditi and the whole team of IMWOW.

Niti Negi

This is for the second time I enrolled in the past year. Unfortunately, both times I had to discontinue because of health reasons. I had a severe backache last time and I am down with Corona this time! So I am discontinuing again and will resume after 2 -3 weeks. It was a great program however I would like to make a small suggestion regarding exercise for people my weight! at 98 kgs it's a bit too much to do high-intensity exercises I did all but quickly lost interest after 2 weeks they are not so easy and I felt very very exhausted after it. can't we begin with cardio or low-intensity workouts or just walking or lightweight training, to begin with? It's not so intimidating either. and you can keep up with it. It's more doable and we can increase the intensity after losing about 10 kgs or so! I really appreciate the enthusiasm and push from the coach.

Megha Chandhock

Although my weight loss journey is going rather slow right now but with Vidhi's motivation, ideas, and push to keep going. I am sure I will be able to lose the extra 5 -6 kgs that I am aiming for.

Ritika Khanna

I really enjoyed the 2 weeks of my plan now. Enjoyed the food I like during dieting. Richa always listens and modifies the diet chart according to my preferences. Workout plans are updated. The weekly task is updated. Recipe videos are provided. What else does one need? Thank you so much Team and Gunjan I love you.


Thanks to the I MWOW team and specially Reetal and Gunjan. Gunjan, your videos are what inspired me to join the IMWOW family and Reetal has helped me with my journey. Although I am yet to reach my target weight my main aim was also to make it a part of my daily routine rather than a short period weight loss routine. For that, I am happy to say that there is a change in my psychology in how I now plan my food. Thanks for being patient with me Reetal The journey has just begun and I know I would continue to be a part of IMWOW.

Sonam Keswani

I would like to share my experience with Soumya maam. She has helped me in all possible ways. This was the first time in my entire life that I had enrolled myself in any diet plan. Initially, I was worried about whether I'll be able to manage things along with my job. But Soumya maam helped me a lot. I lost around 3 kgs in a month. My weight which was stagnant for many months was showing a noticeable decrease. Keep inspiring us. You Are The best. IMWOW team is doing a great job. Proud to be a part of the team.


I am associated with IMWOW for the last 2 months. The biggest USP of this diet plan is that they give me a diet plan according to my taste, and requirements after taking this diet plan, My energy level has increased. The biggest thing is that these people give us everything to eat in the appropriate quantity which is of our choice.

Kirtika Arora

Everything was great, Reetal was very good and I was very happy. She helped me to stay motivated and always had options for me if I didn't want to eat anything. I was extremely satisfied that even with me being 7:30 hours ahead she was available to answer my queries and be available whenever I wanted help. She is wonderful. I dropped around 12 kgs with this program and I am very satisfied. Thank you very much Reetal and IMWOW team.

Shikha Tiwari

My 12-week weight loss journey was good. I enjoyed it. All meal options were so tasty and the portion was also quite good. I lost 9 kgs. Thanks a lot, Aditi and IMWOW.

Sneha Hathi

I am currently enrolled in the 16-week diet plan program and still have 4 more weeks to go. I cannot say enough about coach Richa. She has been supportive, and super flexible throughout my weight loss journey and I look forward every week to her calls and new diet plan. She always makes a point to answer my messages and gives feedback on the photos I share of my meals. I recently hit a point where certain changes had to be made immediately to my diet due to my Cryonics disease flare-up. Not only Richa made the necessary changes to my plan, she assured me that she will continue to work with me to help me feel motivated and this has helped me through this difficult time. I have already lost 20 lbs on this journey and soon will be able to achieve my goal before this journey ends. Thank you Team Wow and Richa for everything. After I am done with the weight loss program I intend to join the weight maintenance program.

Preeti Cheema

I would like to thank Richa and IMWOW team for helping me in my weight loss journey. There were so many times when I tried and failed continuously to lose weight. You were the perfect guide to me who kept me motivated and helped me to think straight and follow a healthy lifestyle. I always thought that being from a Punjabi family and living among food lovers I would never go right with diet plans for my weight loss journey, but Richa and IMWOW proved me wrong here. In the journey of 4 weeks, I lost 4.5 kgs, and that too without sacrificing my taste, and looking forward to losing more in the coming weeks. I have to admit that the recipes shared to prepare the diet plan meals are amazing, meals prepared are even tastier than our regular homemade meals. After coming to you I was able to achieve so much without much effort but only by changing a very few things in my daily food intake. Thanks, Richa for always motivating me and answering my queries. I am grateful to you for being so supportive.

Manavjeet Hans

This is for my coach Richa and IMWOW team. Thank you so much for all your support during the program. I got to learn some really tasty and healthy recipes which I will continue making in my diet. I lost a considerable amount of weight and I am very happy with the results. I will take a break for some time and then join back for further progress. Thank you so much Coach for your motivation and the tips you gave me along my weight loss journey. I started at 62 kg and now I am at 55 kg. I am so happyyyyyyyy Thank you so much


Thank you so much Reetal for helping me lose inches and toning up. I have never felt this good about myself and never worked out this way. You made me understand the foods and portions. The workouts were a little hard at first but eventually, I got used to them every morning before going to work. Thank you again. I'll definitely connect again.


I am very much satisfied with my coach and the diet plan. I am getting more than I expected. Thank you team for bringing this wonderful idea and providing such great services for the weight loss program. A huge thank you to the IMWOW team who are helping people like us. Keep it up and continue with great enthusiasm.


I am so happy that I have coach Chetan he is so positive and helpful also he listens to everything while we are on the weekly call lost. I lost weight and inches also I fit most of the clothes. Before I didn't do any of the exercises now I can do most of the exercises because coach Chetan always motivates me that I can do them. Thank you Chetan and IMWOW team


It was a great experience for me. I am really happy to see changes in my body every week I lost 1/2kg. During this weight loss journey, I came to know that a healthy lifestyle, the correct proportion of food, and exercise can change your life. The best part of this program is such yummy, delicious food as I am a hard-core nonvegetarian and I am really happy that with the non-veg item also I can reduce mine. A big thank you to my coach Aditi for all your guidance to fulfill all my queries at any time and plan my diet according to my taste. Thank you to the whole team of IMWOW.


Ankita was great. With her diet plan and workout session, I was able to lose around 4.5kgs in a month. I would definitely take other services from IMWOW and if possible Ankita for sure. Thank you.

Kanika Batra

Ankita my coach has been very helpful throughout my weight loss journey. She encouraged me a lot whenever I felt demotivated. She provided me good guidance towards this journey.

Shreya Verma

Aditi came as a blessing in my life. Because of her guidance, I was able to lose 13 kgs in 16 weeks. This program has transformed the way I think about food. I am taking a lot of learnings from here and I intend to implement them and make it my lifestyle.

Pranita Chettri

Due to my medical condition, I may not be able to continue the program but will definitely enroll again in the future. Did a lot of activities like gym dieting before but never got the results, but after enrolling in this program without any difficulties I lost more than 3kg in one month. Thank u so much Radhika maam and IMWOW team.


This was my 3rd experience with IMWOW and it really WOW all thanks to Gunjan, Reetal, and the entire IMWOW team who have always been a great help indeed this time I desperately needed one because I had my gall bladder surgery and as always Reetal stood by my side as a pillar I have no words to thank her. Thank you Gunjan and Reetal . All r blessing in disguise.


I am really enjoying my diet and can see the result every week I am lucky that I choose IMWOW and a big thanks to my coach Bhumika who is always available for me when I have doubts and for customizing such a delicious diet chart.

Himanshi Sharma

I like this weekly call update feature of your program. This makes us always energetic and on track, one more thing that I like is that you don't overload protein like twice of body weight kind which is exhausting. What I am getting as a diet is a modified version according to my lifestyle so that I can stick to it for my lifetime. Workouts are enjoyable as well, true your name GunjanShouts. My 4 yr. Baby even realised the shout yours and said (Kitna zor se chilla he didi) actually this keeps the energy up always. Thank you team IMWOW. Hope I will also put my success story soon.

Parul Singh

An amazing diet plan where there is no compromise with the variety of food. Definitely small portions. In simple words, a diet journey where u don't feel you are dieting but rather u would enjoy doing it.

Archisha Mohanty

The past 12 weeks were the best days of this year. I enjoyed every bit of it. Everything was great. Learned a lot of things in this journey, and the most important thing is I got my confidence back. I've always had a very rough time with my body. Combating a neuromuscular degenerative disease and the resulting weight gain. It was a big challenge for me to even lose one kg. And with your support and guidance, today I am 5kgs down!! It is a huge achievement for me. My whole physical, as well as mental health, has improved. It was never as easy as you made it. I never felt like I am on a restricted calorie deficit diet, and this was the best thing! I was never this better. Thank you so much to Coach Reetal maam. I couldn't have done it without you.

Ramita Agarwal

This was the second time I enrolled with IMWOW for one month as had to drop out due to health reasons. But, Reetal is the best coach one can have in their journey towards fitness. Patience, understanding, and the way she is always up to help you. I am surely bouncing back and coming back to irritate you soon Reetal.

Dimpi Raghav

Maam I am very happy with the changes you have come. Heartfelt thanks to the safe IMWOW team and your coach Ankita Rawat mum who taught me the right guidelines in this journey, thank you.

Pradnya Patil

It was great to work with Soumya. She is very polite, friendly, and a great coach. I have experienced weight loss of 1 to 2 kg in 4 weeks without any starvation and having a varied diet. Overall, the experience was good. Looking forward to the 12 weeks program.

Shweta Chauhan

It was an awesome experience with the IMWOW team, your team is working hard for changing our lives, thanx Vidhi for your constant support and being so understanding. Vidhi u r such a great coach. u know I feel like family when I talk to u. Great workout videos. I felt more energetic when I was doing a workout with videos. And recipe videos are like the cherry on the cake. It is so easy and convenient to access video. IMWOW team is doing great work My best wishes to ur team. Thanx

Dhrumil Patel

Chetan creates a diet and exercise plan that aligns with our busy lifestyle so that you can lose weight quickly and more effectively. He constantly inspires us to work hard and concentrate on our diets. He is among the best dietitians, in my opinion. If you want to lose weight, I urge you to get in touch with him.

Anvitha Adhikarla

Thanks for all the knowledge, guidance, and motivation. It has been enriching learning about what is the right food to eat, and what's the right form of exercise for each muscle in my body. I've been at my productive and energetic best these four weeks. I'm re-enrolling after a break for some personal work. Thanks, Ankita! I owe this change, motivation, and energy to keep going to you!


Working with IMWOW and Dt. Richa was the best decision I made this year. I could reduce 7 kg under her guidelines. She made sure that I could eat according to my preferences for food availability and choices. I could see the results at every single check-in. Whenever I had issues she addressed them quickly. I definitely recommend working with Dt. Richa.

Aashna vig

My journey with coach Aditi was brilliant and excellent. I have never had a such healthy lifestyle before. Her diet and suggestions not only helped me to shed but also I can see the glow on my face. She gave me basic home-cooked meals and no fancy food. I would like to thank her with all my heart. Thank you, coach Aditi you were so polite and amazing.

Shruti Khole

It was a great journey with IMWOW. Now I can believe in transformation. My couch Chetan sir is also very cooperative and always helps me to clear my doubt. So many changes happen not only outside but also inside the body. Thanks, Gunjan maam to make this app it is so helpful for many housewives like me who want to be fit.

Swagata Chakrabarti

This is my 2nd-time diet plan with my coach Aditi and I can say every time it's a great experience for me to see the changes in my body, and my lifestyle also. A big big thank you, Aditi, for guiding me very nicely, and she is very sweet of course, loves the new recipes every time, thank you IMWOW team would love to join one more time soon, thank you.


Richa is a star not because she gives me a great meal plan. It is because she is supportive when I fall off my chosen path. She encourages me and keeps me motivated. She is thorough with her follow-ups and kind in her words. She keeps my needs first and ensures that I feel satiated. She has successfully taken care of my needs and I am confidently saying that my sugar cravings are down to zero and my hunger pangs are kept to the minimum. I plan to continue with her for the months to follow. Thank u Richa for being my strength.

Ankita Mathur

This diet plan program that I have taken has changed my lifestyle. For years my life was like- work, work, and repeat. Now my life is- to eat properly, exercise daily, work more effectively and repeat. I love my new routine, and I feel proud when I tell my friends about my new routine. They also feel motivated. Now I realize what mistakes I was making earlier. I have not paid that much attention to nutrients in food and a proper workout routine. Thanks, Chetan for making me aware of all these and IMWOW also.

Rachana Nath

Awesome journey, being 46 years old mom of two teen kids with hypothyroidism. Coach Ankita did a fabulous transformation. I never went for any diet plan just don’t want to do any crash courses that have after effect on my health. I came across IMWOW by chance and it really helped me to balance my food habits and routine. I lost almost 20 pounds in 12 weeks plan and a lot of inches from all over. Thank you IMWOW and coach Ankita for helping me lose stubborn fat even with my hypothyroidism. I can eat and I can lose weight too :)

Rutuja Shah

Already recommended you guys to a bunch of people I know. I have tried a lot of diet plans before but none of them have been this successful. Thank you so much to the entire team. Special thanks to Reetal for being there for me always and guiding me with everything.

Kulbir Kaur

After pregnancy, I gained almost 20 kg weight and that is the first in my life that I realize that I have to do something for getting myself into shape again. After that, I have seen a lot of weight loss videos on youtube and there I found Gunjan Shouts videos which motivated me so much I started following Gunjan di's morning routine and also her food options from which I am able to lose 7 kg weight but then my weight got stuck due to which I started feeling demotivated. Then I took the decision to enroll in IMWOW and there I found Richa Mam who helped me in further weight loss. Richa Mam has given me very tasty and healthy options because of which I never felt that I am on a weight loss journey even my husband says that is it really weight loss food items 🤪. I enjoyed this journey very much, especially the list of healthy foods given by you. I didn't even feel that I am on a weight loss journey as I love having all those tasty options. So overall I enjoyed having this journey with Richa Mam she is so polite and helpful and always answers my queries within a few minutes. In the future, I will definitely keep following these healthy habits and also keep myself fit and healthy. Thank you so much Richa Mam and Gunjan Di for keeping me motivated throughout this journey.


My experience with you has been awesome. I have been with several nutritionists but my weight used to go up at the end of the program. Your diet is natural without any artificial supplements. My weight was constantly increasing due to PCOD but thanks to your diet I don't even feel I was on a diet it was like any natural routine that you follow without any fasting. Now my weight is under control Thank you so much.

Akshita Shah

A good nutritionist will not only help you figure out what to eat, but they will also help change your relationship with food. This has proved absolutely true in my case. I was obese for the past 5 years and I kept ignoring the red flags. In March, I missed my period first time in my life and visited my gynecologist, who suggested I lose weight and get back in shape. That was a turning point and I started going through YouTube videos on weight loss plans. There I subscribed to the GunjanShouts channel and visited her website and got enrolled in 1 monthly plan. To be frank, I never imagined I will lose weight, however, under the guidance of Ms. Richa, I managed to lose 3.5kgs in a month. I started at 80.4kg and reached 76.9kg just in 3 weeks by following a healthy diet. I would like to thank Gunjan and her entire IMWow team for making such amazing plans and motivating people to achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live happier, healthier, and longer life. I would love to continue the program, however, due to financial problems, I will have to take a break. I will ensure that I follow the diets customized for me and lose more weight and change my lifestyle. Once again Thanks a billion tons @ Richa Coach, Team I'mWOW, and Gunjan

Priya Chothwani

After coming to you I was able to do so with not much effort but only by changing a very few things in my daily food intake. I am very grateful to you. Thank you


Aditi was an amazing coach. She heard my concerns and made sure that I was satisfied with the diet plans. She was always there to help me throughout the process. She was very kind and knowledgeable. Thank you, Aditi.

Daljeet kaur

Ankita mam such a GOD for me. Her efforts n counseling really work for me. My weight was stuck but Ankita mam really changed my lifestyle n Gunjan mam your transformation journey has really inspired those people who give up hope. Keep motivated maam.

Manesha Praveen

Ankita was always calm, composed, and patient with me. It was nice to have a coach who was positive and someone who believed that I could achieve my targets though the progress was slow. I enjoyed my partnership with her, it is just that I logged into this program at a time when life was extremely busy for me. I hope to go back to her after a couple of months to inform her of my progress.


Ankita from the i is wow program has given me a different vision towards food. I have started including vegetables that I have never incorporated in my life for example lauki which to my surprise came out very nicely. She has helped me push my limits which normally I would not have. She has changed the definition of detox days, soups, etc. Also, now i know the importance of portion control and how much portion is good enough for me. I am quite hopeful that with the lifestyle change that I have experienced with IMWOW I will keep living a healthy and fit lifestyle for the rest of my life. Thank you Ankita and Gunjan for bringing IMWOW programs into our lives.

Rashida Kapadiya

A very big thank you to my coach and the team IMWOW. It's really a great journey. And I join very soon with this team again and yes with my coach Soumya maam

Bijal Shah

After seeing Gunjan Maam in a vlog, I was spit to shred or at least start with the weight loss journey I was planning for a long. I enrolled in one month program and Reetal was assigned as my personal coach for the journey. She was very calm, polite and did listen to my concerns and needs, and designed the program in an exact manner which was the easiest diet plan I have ever followed. I saw the results in the very first weeks and overall was able to lose 4 kg and a visible inch loss. Thank you Reetal for all your efforts, thank you, IMWOW team, and to Gujan, you helped me take the first firm step for my transformation journey… lots of love.


Absolutely amazing journey at IMWOW with my coach Bhumika Sharma. I lost 8 kgs in my 12 weeks program, enjoyed my meals and my compliments got from everyone saying hey U are looking good. did u lose weight? What are u doing for losing weight I proudly told them about the IMWOW program. It's fantastic to be a part of IMWOW. Special thanks to Gunjan and my coach Bhumika.


Ankita is and will always be my go-to nutritionist. IMWOW has some extremely talented and knowledgeable team members. I enrolled in this plan for the second time. After my previous plan got over I continued following the diet plan & was able to maintain my weight, However, I lost track of my workout and I needed that push and Ankita have really helped me to get back on track. She is very approachable, and accommodating & listens to you very patiently. Thank you, Ankita.

Renu Baliyan

Ankita ma'am is really a great coach, I am very happy with my weight loss journey, sometimes I forgot that I am on diet it's really a very easy way to lose weight you can eat everything and after that, you will get a great result, I just want to say thank you Ankita ma'am

Pratibha Kapoor

After following the diet plan, my blood glucose levels have improved (hbA1C decreased from 10.5% to 8.0%), Target range is 6.0% LDL has decreased (great improvement in LDL gone down from 8.3 to 2.4) normal range is below 4.0 Radhika is doing a great job by having a follow-up call after a week, it is helping to stay focused and motivated at the same time. Thanks


Ankita was great. With her diet plan and workout session, I could able to lose around 4.5kgs in a month. I would definitely take other services from imwow and if possible Ankita for sure. Thank you.

Kanika Batra

Ankita my coach has been very helpful throughout my weight loss journey. She encouraged me a lot whenever I felt demotivated. She has provided very good guidance towards this journey.

Shreya Verma

Aditi came as a blessing in my life. Because of her guidance, I was able to lose 13 kgs in 16 weeks. This program has transformed the way I think about food. I am taking a lot of learnings from here and I intend to implement them and make it my lifestyle.

Parul Singh

An amazing diet plan where there is no compromise with the variety of food. Definitely small portions. In simple words a diet journey where u don't feel u r dieting rather u wud enjoy doing it.

Dhrumil Patel

Chetan creates a diet and exercise plan that aligns with our busy lifestyle so that you can lose weight quickly and more effectively. He constantly inspires us to work hard and concentrate on our diets. He is among the best dietitians, in my opinion. If you want to lose weight, I urge you to get in touch with him.


After trying different diet plans and exercise routines I finally landed on IMWOW and I must say thank god for that. Really loved your approach to everything diet planning, assigning workout plans, or your mobile application. Just one suggestion try to handle everything on the web application as it's easier on the laptop screen to follow the workout instructions or there should be an option to download your application on a laptop.

Anvitha Adhikarla

Thanks for all the knowledge, guidance, and motivation. It has been really enriching learning about what is the right food to eat, and what is the right form of exercise for each muscle in my body. I've been at my productive and energetic best these four weeks. I'm definitely resubscribing after a break for some personal work. Thanks, Ankita! I owe this change, motivation, and energy to keep going to you!


Working with I'MWOW and Dr. Richa was the best decision I made this year. I could reduce 7 kg under her guidelines. She made sure that I could eat according to my preferences for food availability and choices. I could see the results at every single check-in. Whenever I had issues she addressed them quickly. I definitely recommend working with Dr. Richa.


My journey with coach Aditi was brilliant and excellent. I have never had a such healthy lifestyle before. Her diet and suggestions not only helped me to shed but also I can see the glow on my face. She gave me basic homecooked meals and no fancy food. I would like to thank her with all my heart. Thank you, coach Aditi you were so polite and amazing.

Shruti Khole

It was a great journey with IMWOW. Now I can believe in transformation. My couch Chetan sir is also very cooperative and always helps me to clear my doubt. So many changes happen not only outside but also inside the body. Thanks, Gunjan ma'am to make this app it is so helpful for many housewives like me who want to be fit.

Swagata Chakrabarti

This is my 2nd-time diet plan with my coach Aditi and I can say every time it's a great experience for see the changes in my body, and my lifestyle also..a big big thank you Aditi for guiding me very nice, and she is very sweet of the new recipes every time. Thank you IMWOW team. Would love to join one more time soon. Thank you


Richa is a star not because she gives me a great meal plan. It is because she is supportive when I fall off my chosen path. She encourages me and keeps me motivated. She is thorough with her follow-ups and kind in her words. She keeps my needs first and ensures that I feel satiated. She has successfully taken care of my needs and I am confidently saying that my sugar cravings are down to zero and my hunger pangs are kept to the minimum. I plan to continue with her for the months to follow. Thank u Richa for being my strength.

Ankita Mathur

This diet plan program that I have taken has changed my lifestyle. For years my life was like- work, work, and repeat. Now my life is- to eat properly, exercise daily, work more effectively and repeat. I love my new routine, and I feel proud when I tell my friends about my new routine. They also feel motivated. Now I realize what mistakes I was making earlier. I have not paid that much attention to nutrients in food and a proper workout routine. Thanks, Chetan for making me aware of all these, and IMWOW also.

Surabhi Rajhansa

I had a great weight loss journey with you Soumya I am so grateful you were with me at every single step in this journey and helped me to lose 4.5 kg weight in 8 weeks. I lost inches and started feeling confident about the way I look after a long time. The exercise routine provided along with the diet plan is so so helpful and I got a sense of achievement after each workout. Soumya, you have given me so much variety in my diet that I enjoyed all the 3 meals each day with portion control. And this portion control and calorie counting is a lifelong habit that my body has adapted to, which will help me maintain/ reduce the weight further. Weekly calls with you helped me to resolve my queries and stay on track. Thanks for answering my endless queries every single time. Thanks a lot.


My diet plan by Reetal worked quite well for me. I lost weight and my appetite finally decreased, otherwise I was always hungry. Reetal has been very supportive and she always encouraged me toward my goal. 5 stars for Reetal.


I wanted to start loose weight & eating healthy for a better lifestyle. After coming to you I was able to do so with not much effort but only by changing a very few things in my daily food intake. I am very grateful to you.

Megha Chandhock

I am very happy with the sincere guidance from my coach, Vidhi, on this weight loss journey of mine. It is a rather slow journey for me somehow, but she has been very patient and encouraging. I have lost inches, got fitter, and feel more energetic, and I am sure weight loss will also come along sooner or later.

Reet Patni

I really liked the diet plan and the variety of it I really enjoyed my meals, I was not at all feeling like I am on a diet everything was great, especially my coach was very friendly and helpful which I loved the most. Thank you very much for helping me.

Nitu Kumari

Mujhe achchha laga. Maine socha hi nhi tha ki mai kabhi diet bhi kar paungi. but Maine Kiya or mujhe achchha laga meri energy level pahle se behtar ho gayi hai so thank you so much Vidhi maam and IMWOW


"I enrolled again for the 12-week program after I completed my 1-month program. The diet plan provided by Soumya's mam did not seem to be like I am on any diet. that's y I asked for Sowmya only as my coach again.😜 All normal home-based food nothing fancy that we need to go and search in supermarkets. Thank you Sowmya mam, for understanding my busy schedule and making a diet that requires less cooking time. I do feel more energetic. I recommended my friend too for this and she also enrolled in the program. Thank you, IMWOW team and Soumya maam.

Aishwarya Shevade

I started my journey in May 2022. I had enrolled for a 12 weeks plan. I loved this program and the coach so much that I decided to enroll once again. Richa is just amazing and very supportive. Every week during the consultation call she asks for my preferences and accordingly gives me a plan for the upcoming week. This way I do not have to crave my favorite food. The main thing I learned from this program is that you can have everything in the right proportion but still lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. I would like to join this program once again in the future with the same coach. A big thank you to the team.


Thank you, Richa, for being part of my life's hardest journey but making it easy for me, helping me with motivation, and being on top of planning and scheduling my diet plans. I would highly recommend Richa to others who were starting this weight loss journey and think that this journey is hard… Richa makes us understand a diet plan and also she coordinates with me every week to see where I'm to better understand my diet needs.


Thank you so much for the help lost 3.5 kgs in a month and inches as well with one week off track due to personal reasons but the plan was easily manageable with my daily schedule. The recipe provided by imwow is really easy n tasty. Thank you, Soumya for understanding my requirement and giving the plan according to my taste.

Prachi Ghadge

This is the 2nd time I am back with the IMWOW weight loss journey, earlier I was with Ankita ma'am and she was superb. This time with Soumya it's just been 2 weeks but I feel I haven't seen much change in myself. I wasn't able to follow the diet completely due to ingredients and tend to give up many times. Soumya ma'am is perfect in her work but maybe a little push now than every client requires. I personally opted for a dietician because I couldn't do it alone and mentally and diet support was needed. I am happy with Soumya ma'am but I suggest a little more effort is needed because it is difficult for us as well.

Garima Upadhyay

I am so happy to enroll myself in gunjanshouts. I am following Saumya's diet for 2 months and my health issues are improving. I was having thyroid, PCOD, and a lack of strength. Now after 2 months of the plan, my PCOS is fully controlled and my periods are regular. No more acne and hair fall problems. My strength has definitely increased a lot. I don't feel tired like I use to. I am continuing my diet plan to achieve my goal of reducing 15 kgs. I have reduced 5-6 kg so far. My facial blemishes have also almost gone. I am so happy when others notice the changes in me. It gives me more motivation to go harder. Thanks, Saumya.

Ashiana Parween

Hello Vidhi maam thank you so much for making my weight loss journey wonderful, jaisa k ap janti h Maine phle v apke through 10kg loss kiya tha(74to 65), weight jaise jaise km hta h journey otni hi difficult hojati h, mra weight 62.9 p stuck hogya th slye maine dobara one-month k liye enroll krne ka socha jisse mra weight 62.9 se 59.9 p agya, apke bna ye possible ni th k one-month m main etna lose krpati, expectation se jyada krpayi islye main khd ko v thank u kahungi. Aap tb Tak fit nahi hosakte jab tak ap khud na chahu apka khud pe yakeen hona zaruri hai apko guide krskti hai diet plan deskti hai lekin motivation apko khud andr se ana chahye mjhe yd hai vidhi mam ne mujhse kaha k jyada lose krne k expectation mt rkhna lekin sahi koshs k sath sb kuch possible hai .....ab v ye koshis jari hai nd i knew it Vidhi apke guidance se main apne goal tk v phuch jaungi ....once again thank you so much vidhi mam,gunjan mam, IMWOW, love u thanks to be my best friend ever &ever

Subhasmita Behera

"IMWOW" actually provides great support and service with amazing coaches at a very affordable price. This is hardly done by any. (Saying this after much research, that I was eagerly doing to lose weight before joining this platform.) Thank you.

Mahak Kukreja

Dear Gunjan and Richa, I'm happy that I enrolled myself in your program. Thank you for your support and guidance throughout this journey. You guys are just amazing!! My Nutritionist Richa, oh my god, you have all the Patience in the world to help me throughout my journey. You're really doing your job very well!! You've always motivated me to go forward and took care of every small detail while making the plan, even allowing me to eat my favorite stuff as a cheat meal once in a week without having any regrets. Moreover, you gave me so many amazing choices to eat according to my needs and I never get bored with those healthy choices. You helped me lose my weight, it was stuck for so long and even though my muscle strength has increased, I can now lift heavy than before. As of now, I think I am in good shape and from now onwards I'd like to maintain this by myself but in future, if I still need you then I'm gonna definitely contact you¸And surely gonna recommend you to all my friends!! Thanks a lot once again... Wishing u loads of success.

Shruti Tripathi

I feel Imwow uses a very genuine and practical way of making people fitter. Nothing is being asked to do that one cannot in a simple household living making it a different program from others. Special mention for Radhika. Flexible and always ready to solve problems. Congratulations to the entire team.

Pavana Pradeep

I am very much satisfied with the customized diet program in IMWOW, the diet is very healthy and nutritious and it has a lot of variety of food so we don't get bored eating the same kind of food daily! My coach Richa is reliable and very responsive in case of questions I have, even though I am living abroad and the time zone differs! Initially, I was skeptical about the diet to eat 3 times daily as I was a big fan of Intermittent Fasting but into one week diet of IMWOW I started to feel lighter and I could see a stark difference in increased energy levels with their diet in comparison to intermittent fasting diet, their diet also addresses any health-related issues! So overall satisfied with the program I have enrolled in and looking forward to enrolling in 12-week program:) All the very best to the entire team and keep up your work in helping people in all the ways you can!!!

Anand Thakur

My coach Mr.Chetan accommodated me with all my requests related to my diet plan whenever I was stuck. The plans are really amazing and I am able to overcome issues with my digestion as well as manage my weight too much extent with this program. Keep up the good work and kudos to the entire Team of Imwow for transforming lives into good

Amardip Mahato

You guys are doing a great Job. Kudos to the whole team. Special thanks to Chetan(my coach). It was a challenge for me to even think about a diet plan considering my job timings. But I'm glad that I decided to consult I'MWOW. Thanks a ton !!!

Rajani H Pillai

I would have left the journey in four days but reetal made me understand that since I joined with a purpose I should make an effort. Though it was difficult being a working woman it helped me understand how to change my eating habits. Also, ur 10-minute workout given by reetal is excellent. Thank u guys


I am very satisfied with the diet plan and my coach ms Richa . She was very humble and even if I live abroad she was always ready to answer my queries I have achieved my desired result of losing 5 to 6 kg . although I was an office going the meals were always simple. Thank you IMWOW and Coach Richa.


Changed my eating habits and now I am eating healthy food. During this whole month, I had high energy levels also even when I am on a diet. I have reduced my weight from 62.5 to 59.0 now. I am so happy last but not least my Coach Vidhi prescribed my diet as per convenience and taught me on how to be comfortable with food. Thanks for that Vidhi.

Alpi Batra

It's been great working with Coach Chetan on my weight loss journey so far. He's been amazing with timely answering questions over chat, guiding me with the diet & workout plan, and helping with options for any challenges. Also very professional and courteous when talking during the counseling session.


I lost 4kg in my first 3 weeks and I m extremely happy. Thankful to my coach who is always pro in arranging everything despite of time difference from the UK to India. Thank you for all your support and assistance.


Thank you, I am happy with my fat loss as I was not even able to lose half a kg by myself but thanks to Gunjan and her motivational video and my Coach Richa who helped me understand the importance of portion control. I almost lost 7 lbs in 4 weeks mostly diet and portion control. Thank you so much. Stay blessed IMWOW team.

Niyati Singh

I just want to thank my Coach Richa for everything she has done for me as a coach and even the I'MWOW team for their unwavering support. Richa is an amazing coach who has always been there to offer encouragement and advice.

Prerna Dass

I have been struggling to lose weight for a long time. Since I love Indian food, I wanted a diet plan with Indian food. IMWow has been a great help in that regard. My journey has been incredible. I have lost 15.4 pounds and am looking and feeling good. Ankita has been pivotal in my weight loss journey. She has given me excellent diet plans and has taken care of all my needs and concerns. I plan to come on this journey in May with Ankita.

Sonali Verma

Bhumika is so patient and provides an easy and quick diet plan that works really well. She keeps checking along the way and keeps me motivated. I am really happy with her and would surely recommend her.


There is a variety of healthy recipes rich in proteins, limited carbs, a variety of salads, soups, and just enough required nutrition for our body. I feel lighter with lots of energy and fit into some of the older clothes. So happy to be a part of IMWOW and looking forward to losing more weight. Richa always has great tips up her sleeves and is always happy and willing to share.

Gunjan Tiwari

Hey Vidhi... Thank you so much for your guidance in my 1-month fat and weight loss journey. You were always there for being my support and motivation. I have lost near about 3kg and found inches difference in my body. To be very honest whenever I got compliments from my colleague or friends I always give credit to you and I really mean it. I have already recommended you as a coach for my weight loss journey. Hopefully, they will connect you and your team soon. You were always available on whatsapp or applications and that was the best part of this journey. Vidhi, I am going to follow your suggestions and guidance in the future too, to keep myself fitter, and stronger and to maintain my hotness. Thanks a ton, Vidhi. Lots of love n hugs to you...

Ravi Wadhawan

I am really very happy with the IMWOW team. Chetan, my coach is extremely helpful and gives me a very healthy and delicious diet. He is also very easily approachable. Whenever I need to ask anything I just drop a message and he replies back very soon.

Anvitha Vikas

I am still on the journey of Weight loss. Still, a long way to reach there. My coach Richa is wonderful and takes a lot of effort to help me achieve my goals. Even during her holidays, she replies to my text. She gives me a lot of motivation during my demotivated times and ensures that I feel motivated all the time. Thanks, Richa for everything you do for me. Really grateful to be part of Imwow and Gunjan mam.

Poonam Siuli

My coach Aditi supports me a lot to achieve my goal. She motivated me every time. When I joined my weight was 70 kg and now it's 66.00, and my period is also regularised, I am really very happy about this. Everyone praised me so much. Thanks a lot to you Aditi.

Nishtha Sharma

Hi, my weight loss is seen by many people and I am getting amazing compliments. Thank you so much for giving me an amazing diet plan journey. I have given your reference to many of my friends and relatives. Thank you once again.