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Customized Workout Program with Live Sessions

Workout or exercise regime comes with its own set of challenges. From knowing the right kind of workouts for your specific goal to ensuring the motivation to be consistent about it. This program will ensure that you have no reasons to get trapped in excuses and just set go for your goals. We are going to be with you throughout. So let's work out :) 4 Weeks - 8 Sessions 4 Weeks - 12 Sessions 4 Weeks - 16 Sessions 8 Weeks - 16 Sessions 8 Weeks - 24 Sessions

Rs. 5500/- 6000

Key points

1:1 Live workout sessions

Dedicated workout coach

Live session length - 45 to 60 minutes

Video guided Personalized workout plan(for non-live days)

Complementary Fixed Diet Plan for 7 days(with quantities, calories and nutritional details)

Customization for medical conditions (like injuries, movement restrictions , disease related etc.)

Weekly Progress review (In-depth analysis, motivation and Q&A)

Dedicated chat support with your coach for 9 hours (Mon to Sat)

Access to 500+ healthy Recipe Videos (From desi to global cuisine)

Option to choose workout plans (Home or Gym)

Follow along workout videos (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance)

Weekly fun activities for Motivation

Powerful affirmations to help you manifest your fitness goals

Exclusive videos and articles on fitness

Lifetime access to the Premium Community with 5000+ Members



Our diet plans include basic home-based food. No fat cutter drinks or fad supplements.

A new diet will be given every week. A Diet chart will be created on the basis of careful review of the previous week’s progress

We believe in sustainability and hence through this program, we work on your eating patterns and lifestyle. The meals provided promote home-cooked Indian food items. We educate our clients to understand their body's requirements and enable them to understand their own body and its requirements. Getting fitter, feeling transformed, and believing that I'MWOW is what we truly stand for.

There is no fixed answer to this question. It depends on your current weight and how precisely you follow the given plans. On an average people who enrol with us lose upto 5kg in a month.

Just as eating wrong has an immediate effect on the body, so does eating correct. It might not be a measurable effect but you will start feeling better, more energetic and shrunk within a week or two of following the diet and exercising. Weight loss or rather fat loss, is a by-product. If you follow the plan, results will follow you back .

Any form of exercise like strength training, HIIT , running , yoga etc. which is challenging and enjoyable for you is recommended. There is no definite answer to these questions. Everybody is different and so are its needs.