Refund Policy

The Mission of I'MWOW is to transform lives positively and for that – We need to invest in you, including providing you a Coach; your Coach needs to invest in you, including managing his/her schedule and you need to invest in yourself. Because we – IMWOW, your Coach, and You – are All In. 
We are confident that we will make you fit and healthy but if you are not satisfied with the services, the below mentioned Refund policy will be applicable.

For Customized Diet, workout and Yoga Plan

- After enrollment and before first call with the coach (within 7 days of enrollment), you will be eligible for a refund after a deduction of 10% of the amount paid. 

- After 7 days of enrollment or after having your first call with the coach and receiving your diet plan (Whichever is earlier), you can  claim for a refund within three days of receiving the plan. Regardless of the plan duration, we will deduct only 50% of the original 4-week plan amount, and the remaining balance will be refunded.

- After 3 days of receiving your first diet plan, there will be No Refunds.

For Ask Anything from expert, 7 days Lean & Clean, 1:1 with Gunjan, Lean Belly and Fat loss workout Program:-

Once Paid, Refunds are not applicable for these programs.