"What our clients say"

Sasmita Das

Thank you Richa (my coach), Since I have been training with you, I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel better about myself. Thank you for being flexible with your schedule, and ensuring I get the most out of the time I have with you. You take great care of me and I am thrilled to be on this fitness journey with you!


I would like to Thankyou my coach reetal for being there for me the last 24 weeks when I started my journey with pcod in these 24 weeks I cured my pcod lose weight I feel more energized whenever I need help reetal is there for me she always motivates me thankyou reetal Thankyou Gunjan Thankyou team imwow ??????

Rachana Nath

Awesome journey.. being 46 years old mom of two teen kids with hypothyroidism. Coach Ankita did a fabulous transformation. I never went for any diet plan just don’t want to do any crash courses that have after effect on my health. I came across IMWOW by chance, which helped me balance my food habits and routine. I lost almost 20 pounds in 12 weeks and a lot of inches from all over. Thank you IMWOW and coach Ankita for helping me lose stubborn fat even with my hypothyroidism. I can eat and I can lose weight too.

Nutan Chaturvedi

Hi I am Nutan Chaturvedi I am Thankful to my Coach Richa the IMWOW team and my family Using this app and diet plan allowed me to lose almost 11 kg I Can clearly see the difference in me I did not just lose weight and inches but also changed my junk lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle This happened because of my diet plan workouts and recommendations from my Coach Richa for special occasions A big thank you to Coach Richa for such an exciting diet plan I was never bored with my diet plan as it was always interesting I will for sure recommend this to my family friend I started this diet plan at a weight of 71 kg now Im at 592 kg

Kuldip Kaur

The diet plan has helped me lose lots of weight in a very healthy way. I am more energized, more productive, and more positive. I never used to eat oil and ghee at all and now I can eat these things casually without worry. There are many food options I have always felt satisfied with my meals and have not gone hungry. Dietician Bhumika has been very patient with me and I have also enjoyed all the normal meals I have treated myself to at weddings, events, or just going out. Nothing has stopped me from losing weight and I want to deeply thank the IMWOW team, from the bottom of my heart. I have learned so much about food and dieting correctly. I am confident in maintaining my weight now. Thank you very much, Bhumika!

Divya Tejaskumar

Thank u so much Bhumika di. You are a wonderful guide. I enjoyed these 3 months program. I was satisfied with this diet plan and exercises I am so happy about this journey because of your constant guidance and motivation. you are very helpful and your nature is very good. Again thank u Bhumika di.



Hi, I’MWOW team before I could share my experience I would like to thank this platform which give me amazing support for my weight loss journey, and a huge thanks to my beautiful and wonderful coach Vidhi mam for being such an amazing person in my journey. I am a student and was busy with academics having no time for workouts because of my busy schedule and having an unhealthy eating pattern I gained a lot of weight. I went to the gym and started working out though my workout was good I had a problem with the diet no idea what to eat when to eat and how to eat the right portion then I came across the Imwow channel on YouTube and signed up for a 4-week program. All the diet recipes were really easy I am really bad at cooking but all the recipe videos were available so it was easy for me to cook actually I had a wonderful time here not only I lost weight but also learned how to cook my family too liked the meals I prepared. During weight loss, many people always said you need to eat only salads and nothing else but here the diet meals were so amazing I got to enjoy pancakes and pasta too. I always thought I had to avoid them but here I got to know you can make a healthy version of it. None of the meals were boring I enjoyed it a lot and finally today I lost 4 kgs. I was 82kgs in the beginning now with proper guidance I am 78.2 learned a lot during the journey thank you Vidhi mam and wow team.

Anusha Agrawal

I started with the Diet plan in August expecting it to be super strict which would limit many options. But I came across IMWOW through YouTube and social media and followed it for some time and chose to have Reetal as my dietician and this ended up as the best decision I took in my weight loss journey. She made dieting so easy that it never felt like I was actually on a diet. She also included all the dishes I loved and was always ready to consider changing the items I did not like. Most importantly, I learned the concept of Mindful eating and dividing food in proportions. It is the game changer of any weight loss journey is what I realized. Very grateful to Reetal, Gunjan, and the entire IMWOW team. Definitely looking forward to having Reetal as my dietician again whenever I choose to have a diet again. Thank You, IMWOW Team.


Thank you so much, Richa! It was an amazing journey and joining IMWOW was one of the BEST decisions I have taken for myself. I can't thank enough the entire Team of IMWOW and especially you Richa. I have learned so much from new healthy recipes to different kinds of exercises and became so disciplined in terms of my food habits. Also, it's just the beginning, and I will continue this healthy lifestyle. You have always motivated me whenever I was down. Always available to answer my questions even though I was not in the same time zone but I never felt I am missing out on anything as you always replied and helped me. I never thought the weight loss journey can be fun and never thought I can ever get to eat tasty food but I was wrong, your diet plan was always great and tasty. Thank you so much for everything you did and I will recommend the IMWOW plan to everyone. Kudos to the team IMWOW and a huge shout out to Richa maam.

Nisha Mahapatro

I had a great experience with IMWOW. I was hopeless before a month looking at frequently increasing weight but today I am confident that even I can lose weight and get a healthy life with the efforts I made in the past month...A very heartful thanks to my coach Aditi who encouraged me throughout the month and listened to me.


I had no idea that just losing weight would make me so good. I feel lucky that I chose to come to you. And the only way I would lose weight was through dieting and starving. But you taught me the right procedure with the best diets and workouts. I lost 5-6 kgs. But gain lots of confidence. Thank you Soumya maam for being such an amazing dietician. I express my gratitude towards you for all that you did.

Anubha Kachhwaha

Thank you so much for this amazing journey u all are doing a great job by helping others in their transformation and it's commendable I have lost around 8 kgs, big thanks to my coach Bhumika maam and the IMWOW team for cooperating and helping me in this journey.

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