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I would like to Thankyou my coach reetal for being there for me the last 24 weeks when I started my journey with pcod in these 24 weeks I cured my pcod lose weight I feel more energized whenever I need help reetal is there for me she always motivates me thankyou reetal Thankyou Gunjan Thankyou team imwow ??????

Suravi Banerjee

Thank you iamWow and My best and lovely coach Vidhi . My journey along with you was very nice. I have learnt good food habits & quantify food count. When I started my weight was 60kg now I am 54.5kg. Specifically thanks to my coach Vidhi?? Every week we had our vertual call. She always encouraged me. Overall my experience was really good and improving. Future again wants to walk with you.. Thank you Coach Vidhi? &IamWow

Aparna Karthik

I've lost a remarkable 10kgs thanks to the I'MWOW personalised diet plan services you provided! Your guidance, tips, and constant motivation have been incredible. You've steered me towards a new lifestyle, and now I feel healthier and more confident than ever before. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Coach! I'm eager to achieve more goals, and I know I can count on your continued support. Keep up the fantastic work!


During weight loss, many people always said you need to eat only salads and nothing else but here the diet meals were so amazing got to enjoy pancakes and pasta too. Always thought i had to avoid them but here. I got to know you can make a healthy version of it. None of the meals were boring. I enjoved it a lot and finally today |lost 4 kgs. I was 82kgs in the beginning now with proper guidance i am 78.2 learned a lot during the journey.

Deeksha Singh

Anjana Kumari

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your guidance in my weight loss journey. Thanks to your diet plan and support, I have lost an incredible 10 kilograms. Your expertise and motivation have been instrumental in my progress. I have started new plan under your guidance and feel incredibly motivated. Your belief in me has inspired me to set higher goals, and I'm confident that with your continued support, I will achieve them. Thank you for teaching me the importance of healthy choices and nourishment. Your dedication is truly commendable, and I'm grateful to have you as my guide. Thanks a lot Richa and I'MWOW for your continuous support!



The journey of 4weeks has been superb because the diet plans suggested here are all our routine lifestyle dishes. Infact My husband ate the same food I cooked for myself (only the quantity was a little more ??) The detailed breakup of the plan helps ensure you are not adding anything extra Ankita my coach was patient and listened to me and ensured I was given a plan that suits my requirements Availability on chat is a huge bonus of this program as it helps you stay on track I have loved watching Gunjan and her videos for so many years now and that was another motivation to start with I’mwow. This is not my end of the journey and I going to do this again with Ankita and I’mwow after a break due to personal reasons!!!


I would like to thank IMWOW and my coach Tarushi in this journey. During this I have developed some good healthy habits and came to know about the importance of exercising and keeping yourself fit. My coach Tarushi, is very informative and her guidance and motivation is very appreciable. Thank you Imwow and my Coach Tarushi for your support in my journey.


It's been pleasure that I have chosen I M Wow. My diet coach Mr. Chetan has been really helpful with my weight loss journey. My diabetes been control, now I don't have to take tablets every day now. My inches have been reduced only in 3 weeks. Highly recommend I m wow . Thanks Chetan sir.


I would like to thank my coach Reetal and Imwow team, who made this app to help people to improve their health. My coach was very helpful, she always helped me during my weight loss journey. She has vast knowledge about food and nutrition. I lost 10 kg weight in 4 months. Thanks Reetal and Imwow team.


I want to give a huge shout out to Surbhi, she is a great human! Definitely an excellent nutritionist, but I say a great human because she had the understanding to sense whenever i was low. I was 3 months postpartum when i started this program, and my main focus was to eat healthy and lose some weight if i could, but my ultimate goal was to get into a habit of eating and cooking healthy so that i can breastfeed my baby and be healthy at the same time. I have definitely achieved a routine, and by end of this program i have learned so much from Surbhi. I might have just lost 4-5 kgs, but i am very satisfied trust me. Surbhi absolutely encouraged me, tweaked my plan according to my convenience so that meal prep could be easy for me while taking care of my newborn, and also gave me breaks when i was low so that i don't feel pressurized. Thank you Surbhi, you are a gem of a person and i loved this journey with you as my coach.

Deepa Kotwani

It was a great journey with Ankita, having home cooked meals of Sindhi Punjabi cuisine, which we generally have , all with portion size . Anyone who is looking to loose weight shall join IMWOW team and easily follow and loose weight happily.

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